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Secret of negotiations: How to learn to communicate with difficult and unpleasant people?

a Secret of pergovor will be revealed in today`s lesson: “How to learn to communicate with the best part even of the most difficult and unpleasant person?“.
Ya I will share practical exercise which will help you to establish the relations even with very difficult people - in business, in private life, in communication.

Recently from one of participants we prepared for the forthcoming interview. The girl strongly worried, said that the employer - very unpleasant and aggressive person. During the story at it hands shivered, she was nervous - the complex of discomfortable states were available. Then I asked it to switch and be focused by
on what in this person is positive, attractive? For what it would be possible to tell that it is good, interesting, the person? What its qualities could admire?
“Anything. And what in it can admire? “ - she asked.

When one person cannot find in another any merit, does not see its strong and positive sides, it means that he is too concentrated on himself. It is difficult for person to transfer focus of the attention outside.

Together with the participant we switched and could find five merits at the person who seemed to her so uncomfortable and aggressive before. It became for it surprise, she did not think that this person can have such qualities. I am in return absolutely convinced that in each of us there is for what we can be respected what it is possible to thank also for what can admire. Having learned about it, I learned to see in people good.

Learned to tell to people words, pleasant for them, and to tell them sincerely, with all the heart, with pleasure. And the fact that when people hear that you appreciate them, you notice how you treat them is important, they turn that positive side which you in them see. Thanks to a special internal spirit and positive perception, from you there is a special wave, and the person is adjusted on this your wave. He behaves so that to correspond to your words which you issued to the world. It is pleasant to it that it is accepted. And communication with the person will take place in such situation for you smoothly, comfortably and successfully. In essence, it is one of elements of Transerfinga which can be used successfully in the practice and in life in general.

P. S.: Natalya as a result had interview and that head became her most ardent admirer. She received a position at which it was necessary to carry out changes, and it supported her absolutely in all undertakings. Now it applies this equipment always, and in absolutely different situations: and in private life, both in negotiations, and at work.

Practice: Try to make
also before an important meeting: sit down exactly, on three points (a support on both legs and on pelvic bones) as I speak, “be grounded“. Feel the body, the breath, the pose. Put both legs on a floor, it is important. You can cover eyes. Begin to breathe deeply and represent before yourself an image of the person with which the meeting is necessary. Present it and find in it five positive qualities. You look more attentively, it can be anything: a manner to put on, self-confidence or punctuality. Such qualities in people - tens of thousands, it is necessary only to learn to see them.

All problem is that very often in behavior even of people close to us we pay attention only to some negative things. At the same time, we do not pay attention to the positive moments which become for us “norm“. If learn to see in people positive, then learn to praise the person for what he made well even if it does it always. Try every time in soul mentally to thank him: “washed the dishes - nicely“, “made the bed - well, perfectly, hurrah!“. Just tell the person thanks, not very well, mentally or voice. And you will see how people with what pleasure they begin to do things, pleasant for you, change. Also do them even more often.
Begin to thank people around yourself for those correct, positive, high, nice, delightful qualities which they show! And people will turn to you this “good“ party all the time.
is some magic part Here: the longer people are in the positive qualities, the these qualities become stronger. So and the person begins not only to try to keep step with the positive wave sent by you, but he becomes such, strong and positive.
Ya many times observed this phenomenon in the life and I continue to observe it in people around me. For this reason I also decided to share this knowledge with you today.

Such here secret of pergovor - almost “scientific magic“! And having used it, you will be rewarded in every sense. You will be always successful, in all meetings and negotiations, and will feel is delightful, receiving result. Notice, I specially do not speak “will win“ because you simply should not fight. You will come to the person who waits for you with open arms. All this will work for you. Good luck to you in all undertakings.

And let all secrets of negotiations for you will become Opportunities and Achievements!

I believe in your success! Yuli Portland`s