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Study - process of irrational

As knowledge belongs to area rational, at most of people too intellectualized relation to study. Usually do not notice that study - process irrational. Wrong idea that education is only accumulation of “facts“ is widespread, and the pupil, is an empty vessel which has to be filled. Function of the teacher, thus, is reduced to distribution of information. The teacher is an intelligence agent of the “facts“ distributed in the portions which correspond to “abilities“ of the pupil. Our rational nature forces us to believe that “knowledge“ has to become a result of study.

There are no doubts that essential and important part of teaching work is transfer of the necessary information to pupils. But let`s consider what remains at us from our stay in school and university, and we will find out that not meeting of the separate facts, and the relation to life remained . Only those who will become teachers have to be engaged in accumulation of “facts“ just as the squirrel accumulates nuts.

The majority of those who wrote about education carries out a difference between education and training. It is possible to give at least one example: Herbart writes that “training forms thought, education - character“. Continuing Harbert`s thought, we have to add that the first (training and thought) is impossible without the second (education and character). Training is not same that education. It is only one of tools by means of which the person becomes educated.

Telling to the pupil what likely is called “only the facts“, the teacher at the same time tells him, will - bondage, the relation to the facts and life. The teacher steadily forgets that the relation remains after only “facts“ become covered by oblivion.

This circumstance becomes clearer when we recognize that education (as well as any experience) demands selection during which data are to a certain extent created by the teacher and are recreated by the person who is trained. The culture is never transferred without changes. The one who transfers information and the one who receives it, changes an essential way cultural heritage during educational process. It is one of conditions of progress, development. In primitive (and so, not progressive, not developing) society of the critical attitude towards culture is not present: the culture is the absolute, dogma, and it is given without selection and change.

It follows from this that objectivity in teaching cannot be, and so, passionless, uninterested search of neutral data which are reported by the teacher deprived of emotions to group of impartial pupils is impossible.

Knowledge which matters knowledge which is force, it not only acquaintance to the facts. This acquaintance to relationship between the facts.

It is clear, that in the choice of “facts“ about which the teacher reports there is a lot of irrational. In a different way there are many irrational factors which are obligatory participants of process of transfer of material. They act without volition of the teacher or the pupil. These factors inevitably give “color“ to “facts“, they do “facts“ so interesting that without them process of education would become impossible.