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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on January 28 - 29? “The fighting horse“, “Coriolanus“, etc.

the Last portion of January film premieres promises to be disturbing, terrible, dramatic, amusing, sexual and twice dangerous. Quality of debutants of a wide release varies from remarkable to dreadful, but everyone hopes to snatch a piece of spectator attention, not to mention financial side of a question.

This week Russians will be able to see the comedy “Rzhev against Napoleon“, the new movie of Steven Spielberg “A fighting horse“, the psychological drama “Dangerous Method“ and a director`s debut of the actor Ralph Fiennes “Coriolanus“. A background for this engaged the prime minister will become Joe Carnahan`s thriller “Fight“, the comedy “Very Dangerous Feature“, the drama “Descendants“ nominated for the Oscar, and the Russian megaproject “Chapiteau - Show“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Rzhev against Napoleon“ (2011)

it is difficult for h2 to characterize

“Works“ of the director Maryus Weisberg by acceptable words. Whether it was worth finishing two cinema courses (the VGIK and school in California) that then to model tapes, impassable on dullness? Possibly, costed, time Weisberg`s projects (in girlhood - Balchunasa) are constantly sponsored by the ex-husband of Alika Smekhova. That the most interesting, all his pictures steadily make profit, that is havat people and asks additives.

Weisberg already showed Hitler, about “love in the big city“ told even twice. The turn to walk terry stamps on Napoleon and Rzhevskogo`s persons where to the first already all the same, and the second did not exist in reality at all came. For greater effect to the project attributed the drawn Van Damme and a full set nano - humorists of the Russian TV screen, beginning from Galustyan with Zelensky and finishing Oleynikov and Galtsev. Plus a habitual pack of the untalented, but untwisted media persons, it seems Semenovich, Sobchak and Chekhova. To fans it will be suggested “to laugh“ also the VIP - the version in 3D. No comments.

2. “The fighting horse“ (War Horse, 2011)

the Oscar Nominated for 6 awards, including the first prize, the new movie of the Hollywood film child prodigy Steven Spielberg will tell a touching and shrill story of friendship of the boy Albert and Joey`s horse. Spielberg, of course, the authority, but a tar spoon everything is is present. The problem is in what the director already and everything proved to all long ago. Its movies became leaders of hire and steadily are present at everything, even the most inadequate, lists “very best“. And Stephen managed to take a gold figurine in hands. Twice. And not his fault that he relaxed. It is allowed to live and create at such speed not to everyone.

It does not mean that “A fighting horse“ - bad cinema. By no means. Simply it is a big, beautiful, emotional template. And a template, in creation which Spielberg brought a considerable contribution. And now collects dividends. In the form of dollars, awards, the nominations and our sincere spectator love.

3. “The dangerous method“ (A Dangerous Method, 2011)

Canadian David Kronenberg who had a reputation in 80 - x one of the most talented and visually rich horrormeyker (“Skannera“, “Videodr“, “Fly“, “A dead zone“), then very slowly, in a couple of decades, trained for a new profession in the judge of psychological dramas. Though the habitual shred of perversity is present at its works still. Can be an example of that and its new movie telling about how Karl Jung and Siegmund Freud conduct clever conversations treat patients and form new trends in psychoanalysis.

Viggo Mortensen for the role (Freud) nearly obtained the Golden lion and the Globe, Michael Fassbender (Jung) is ranked as a face sex - symbols of Hollywood (together with its genital bodies in the last year`s picture “Shame“), and Keira Knightley indulged herself with a role of the schizophrenic.

4. “Coriolanus“ (Coriolanus, 2011)

Englishman Ralph Fiennes who was in time to play all godless bastards for the career from the nazi in “Schindler`s List“ to fenteziyny the Flounce - - Mort, decided to sit down in a director`s chair. Fiennes personally brought the child to Russia to show to the domestic viewer very free screen version of the play of Shakespeare shot in Belgrade about the Roman commander. It got a leading role, and the co-authorship with the English playwright was divided by the screenwriter John Logan, the author of “Gladiator“ and the main contender for Oscar of this year, “The keeper of time“ Scorsese. Generally, still that company was selected if to remember about participation in Vanessa Redgrave and Gerard Butler`s “Coriolanus“.

The text - mainly Shakespearean, time - ours. It is not necessary to be surprised, tragedies of the author are annually picturized, and is very frequent in modern processing. The big cash desk at a tape is not expected, but critics and film fans are happy.

5. “Fight“ (The Grey, 2012)

Joe Carnahan who became famous for “Trump aces“, probably, decided to justify himself before Liam Neeson for muffled “Team “A“ and invited the actor in the new movie. How survivors in plane crash unfortunate become object of hunting from pack artful and, the main thing, very hungry wolves. Certainly, assigned to Neeson a part of “the main savior“ of the human race because fight promises to be snow-covered, bloody and very emotionally intense.

This time the tandem is not going to disappoint especially as movies about a survival always use close attention of audience. It is one of two tapes of this week dated 2012 - m year therefore data on money are absent so far, but there are no doubts, collecting will be and will surely please creators.

6. “Descendants“ (The Descendants, 2011)


that the Oscar ceremony draws near by the beginning of year closer and closer every year, movie theaters with pleasure squeeze in a rolling grid of nominees. Alexander Paine`s drama (“About Schmidt“) already received two Gold Globes and pulls on itself five nominations, including a prize for a male lead. Alas, for the big screen history of the rich Hawaiian forced to look after two daughters so far the wife is absent in a coma, too chamber.

Actually, only for the sake of brilliant George Clooney, in general, heavy and poor on pleasures, the movie it is also worth looking at this. Clooney, by the way, already has in a collection a gold figurine for “Siriana“, but then he was a minor winner. And so far the Oscar to it does not stick any more.

A serious attempt to compete with potential leaders of hire will be made also by Juli Ann Robinson comedy “Very dangerous feature“ with Catherine Haygl`s participation (“27 weddings“, “Killers“). The actress received 15 mln. dollars for a role of the former shop assistant of underwear. Real shop assistants, by itself, shocked. And Catherine hunts for the nice men running from the law now. Business is profitable, but dangerous, from here and the name of the movie.

Very interesting and ambitious project will be submitted on court of the viewer by the domestic cinematographer Sergey Loban. Its creation is called “A chapiteau - show“ , consists of four short stories, 3,5 hours last and it is broken into two separate movies. On a genre, it seems, the comedy. According to reviews - the tragicomedy. From familiar faces - Pyotr Mamonov and … all. On style - obvious zakos under Tarantino, only without krovishcha. Generally, the ambiguous, interesting cinema, but at movie theater will be rather heavy to sit out.

We will not forget also about limited hire. The benefit, here only one beginner - the European drama “Colombia Circus, telling about life of the small town in Herzegovina in anticipation of civil war on the Balkans.

As we see, the choice is, and very extensive. From psychological troubles to Shakespearean passions. It is sad that together with Kronenberg and Spielberg adjoins muddy Rzhev, but to everyone on requirements.