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One day as whole life. Whether

Thought you of how you live? Why you made that today, but not other? And why in general to do something? And suddenly this minute you will feel unwell, at you to begin to spin the head and it will become the last that you will be able to feel in this life. What will you make then? Unfortunately already nothing can be changed. So it happened, such is destiny, it was not lucky, well or something like it. If to think of how we live today, it is possible to go crazy, finding and losing a question essence.

Until recently I thought that it is necessary to live future, to make plans, to aspire to something, to reach tops, to work on myself for approach of this or that purpose. But suddenly, I realized that there is no future without the present. And then I asked a question: “And how I live today?“. I do not say already about how I lived? It is the whole history missed just in a pursuit of some dream. And today?
Every day work. Gray, dim week which not to be remembered in a month, not to mention whether to be remembered it in a year? Unless it is so necessary to live? I find only pleasant trifles and some spots which help to believe that I made everything correctly in fragments of memory. This self-deception eats everyone who thinks also. If you think on other, tell, as if was if you then made everything in a different way? At that turning point when you had to make the important choice between the developed circumstances. Do not think that you live honestly, on conscience. Every day, we dissemble. It is impossible to live good in the world where we are constantly deceived, strive to push, try to swindle, etc. But it is already necessary to try to be perfect before by itself.
needs to do something useful to colleagues, a family, friends every day that, going to bed, you did not think of trifles. If you were told thanks today, it is a sure sign of the fact that you paid attention to the person, and he is grateful to you. It is necessary to try that every day someone told you thanks. The more the better. Try to make as much as possible much today. Tomorrow will be, but the fact that today is important. Having learned to appreciate
today, you will be able to feel pleasant ease which for a long time will remain in memory.
do not forget to have a rest with advantage. It is possible to find the positive moments in everything if to try. But it is not necessary to look for them, it is necessary to aspire to them somewhere at the subconscious level. Rest is irreplaceable part of our perfection. During this period you open for yourself numerous delicacies of life.