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How to cease to worry and to begin to live?

will not be mistaken if I tell that most of people live either past, or future, and are not able to live in the present at all. Despite books to D. Carnegie, E. Tola, M. Norbekov and other writers respected by me to understand and learn art “to live now“, it was required to me long 50 years. As I managed it, I will tell.

D. Carnegie`s book “How to cease to worry and to begin to live?“ to me came in 31 years. Having read it, I analysed the life and understood that I live absolutely incorrectly: I dig in the past which cannot be changed, and I make plans for the future which only One man`s guess is as good as another`s. And I do not live in the present at all. To understand - understood that, but my life from it did not change.

I needed 20 years of life to cease to worry and to begin to live. It were the most difficult, but interesting years. I call them - “My universities“. Endured a lot of things: serious illness, divorce, separation from children, treachery of friends, loneliness. Had a ball, fell and rose, fell and rose. Was, of course, and good: met the half, the Real man; got many interesting professions, sincerely believed in God.

To God it is possible to come in 2 ways - through sufferings or a bogopoznaniye. I went 20 years on the first way, and now, having sustained everything that the Lord prepared for me without grumble, I go the second. Reading the gospel, experience of Holy Fathers of Russian Orthodox Church, a post, a prayer, the temple - all this helps me to live.

And here that surprisingly. As soon as I sincerely regretted the sins and entrusted God to operate my life; recognized in it Mister of my soul, - everything around me began to change. The fear of the future left: because I know that, without breaking the God`s commandments, any hair will not fall from my head. Beginning any business, I ask from the Lord of blessing, and I do not grumble if something is impossible. Means, it is not necessary for God. I ask from it only one: to give me health and forces to serve It, the Fatherland and people. I do not hurry now anywhere, I enjoy every minute of life, I perform any work with pleasure. The world and rest reign in soul. I feel as the happy person! Not money, not the power, not wordly pleasures will not bring happiness in its constancy: they can only present happy moments. And here art “to live here, and now“ comes only through belief, and then you stay in a condition of a pacification and rest constantly. It does not mean at all that the grief and grief will avoid you, absolutely not, to them the relation just changes. You understand that you on everything God`s will and submissively accept it. But, you feel presence of God at your life, his wise management all the time.

Together with belief spiritual and physical health was recovered to me. According to the passport to me 51 years, but I feel for about 35 years. Nothing hurts, it is a lot of energy, plans and desires. Life is interesting to me in its dynamics. I do not remember the past, entrusted the future to God, and I fill with sense and affairs every day, I live it as the last. What and to all of you I wish! Yes the Lord, people kind stores all of you!