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Present yourself a smile! Or, how to attract kind people and kind events in the life?

We sometimes suffer from loneliness, from shortage of friends, and big human heat. Experiences, as a rule, unconscious. They can be found on feeling of melancholy, grief, desire that people to you rejoiced, showed a kind, good attitude.

In such state often happens, to the person you will make nothing bad, and will take you and will spoil mood! For no reason at all! And you take in yourself this, bad mood, bear it to yourself, home. Also you share with relatives! And, naturally, instead of desirable heat, you receive reciprocal discontent.

In such state happens, you will smile to the person, and he to you is not present. You it seems as, wanted to present pleasure to it, and instead: did not present moreover and lost.

Now other time you are afraid to talk to the person. And suddenly, will not be glad to you?

Yes much still what happens sad. Also questions torment.

Why I have so few friends? Why people do not reach for me? Why people do not smile to me, do not rejoice? And how to make so that around me he was kind? I want to share

good which I found in myself With all people who so lack heat and good!

Present that you have something big, human, warm, that who so wants to be felt in surrounding people?


A smile, - kind, happy, fine, SINCERE!

If you forgot, to smile what is it, forgot to do it easily and easy, remember yourself the child. That moment when you smiled and rejoiced! That children`s, direct, simple and such great happiness which was tested then. Also take the smile with yourself in adulthood. Smile to yourself! Also feel that human heat, pleasure to, pleasure from communication with yourself, approval, support and all those emotions which appear at you when sincerely the person heartily smiles to you!

If it is impossible, learn to smile! If you look at yourself in a mirror, then and smile just like that. To. Because you for yourself - the dearest and most important person on light because you are glad to yourself! Perhaps, at first it will be difficult to be made. But you - learn! Also smile to yourself always!

* Smile to yourself in the mornings when all it seems such sad and monotonous.
* Smile to yourself at work. When around everything so bothered and does not please at all.
* Smile to yourself always when painfully and sadly.

And once, you will feel magic action of the smile. You will notice how life becomes lighter, more joyful, kinder. And when you will feel it, begin to give the smile to people !

Place a smile in the heart. Let it will be with you always. Let it radiate your pleasure and good as the sun. And rays of your sun - your smile, light all life. And each person with whom you communicate or you talk. And even if the person offended you, hurt, present the smile to yourself and him. And then you will notice how the WHOLE WORLD begins to smile to you ! Surrounding people will begin to smile to you in reply! You will be surrounded by good and pleasure, that which so was not enough and so there was a wish.

And all course of life will be kind, with a smile and light now. Light which goes from within. From your soul

of Happiness to you!