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Why people watch soap operas?

in the people became Recently popular series. Often to ourselves we are surprised: and it seems bothered, both acting not all that well, and a plot unpretentious. The main thing, we understand that it teaches us to nothing, and with culture badly in these consumer goods... An, “sat down“. Also we spend time behind viewing … in search of what?

Dependences on viewings of series are subject not only women, but also men. However women, owing to the emotionality and a susceptibility, spend much more time in front of screens. Also our husbands are indignant: “Again this House 2?! As it bothered me!“, (it is possible to think, the husband wanted to make romantic evening at this time, and she exchanged its society for transfer viewing!) .

What attractive to us in series? by

In - the first, in series realize our dreams of fantastic life . “Cinderellas“ meet princes. Plain women suddenly are beauties (at the same time they for this purpose do nothing). All problems are in the habit to be resolved by itself. And finally the good overcomes the evil. In a magic, “casual“ way.

In - the second, in series we receive a great lot of emotions ! Only one love stories of what stand! Here to you both an anticipation of the first appointment, and casual lovely incidents, and magic of the first kiss with darling! And then, of course, barriers of their fine love appear, and too you begin to worry about it. And all this what so often is not enough for us in life. Because our life is, as a rule, reduced to the ordinary. Unloved work - the house (cooking, washing of ware, washing) - children (and with them and an array of problems) - the husband (if it is, it is already possible to consider it “well“ …). And the soul asks romantics, love, pleasure, happiness. Is not present in usual life - it is received in serial.

Men have other features of perception and requirement. But also they, eventually, find the realization through viewing of “man`s“ movies and transfers.

Here it is possible to carry need for change of “scenery“ . Our life can be quite successful, but same every day becomes boring. The series in itself are also deshevaya available change of scenery.

The third follows from the second point: through series we as if “run away“ from the life . We hide from the problems, experiences, failures and sorrows to the world of the fairy tale, love, good and justice (finally). We so want to believe in good and kind that we are ready to exchange the real life for artificial.

The fourth reason - the people love “staginess“ . Any channel, any series or transfer will “easily“ earn ratings from zheltenky materials. The more sensations, “explosions“, the conflicts, something leaving a framework usual, the it is more interesting to look. It, probably, can be explained with mere curiosity. Which has property sometimes to be beyond decent.

For certain, there are also other reasons. But we on them will not stop. Everyone if it has a desire, will ask itself(himself) a question: “Why I spend time for series?“.

I am interested in the answer to a question more: well it or is bad - to be fond of series?

From my point of view, is present nothing good in it.

In excessive hobby for series we hide from the life and instead of solving problems, we pretend that they are absent. We substitute for

the present on artificial, and then we feel in ourselves even more emptiness and a dissatisfaction. Because we understand that in the - that lives changed nothing, and it is necessary to come back to it.

We cease to appreciate art in a pursuit of the “lung“ which is not demanding reflections and understanding.

We agree to unpretentious, losing at the same time the real values.

We do not improve the life because we live in illusion of other lives.

So, maybe, husbands when they grumble on our next enthusiasm for “soap operas“ are right?