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Whether there is a stability in this life?

our life is arranged in such a way that in each timepoint you or develop and grow, or do not grow, and then you slide down or degrade. Many of you will not agree with this statement, will tell that there is a stability that it is possible to remain a long time on the same place! I also reacted earlier to similar statements. So let`s try to understand together: how the situation actually is?

I often faced at different authors the statement that the person cannot remain in stability, the person can or grow, or degrade. And it is about any sphere of life: whether it be business, whether it be career, whether it be family, whether it be friendly relations.

For the first time I faced it in Lewis Carroll`s book when Alice constantly came back to the same place. Also got advice that to remain on the place, she should run twice quicker, than very much. I do not undertake to repeat with an accuracy, but the sense was such. Further I faced similar statements at different authors and business - trainers. And I thought of these words, checked them examples from life. Give and we will sort couple of examples.

If to look at the relations of the man and woman in the period of love, then we will see that they try to look better, try to be better, try to behave better, try to forgive many oversights and so on. It is undoubted that they improve. But here the wedding, and dream came true. After a while the attention to each other decreases. They become for some reason intolerant of many things on which they did not pay special attention earlier. And further it is worse and worse. Practically in any family cease to be put in the relations and growth of the relations stops. The love ostuda comes to life of these people. And the relations degrade. Yes, it is much worse than the relation in many families in several years of joint life, than in the period of love.

Now let`s review other example. The beginning businessman begins work on the project. And it works for 14 - 16 hours a day, it burns with enthusiasm. And its business grows. He digs the earth, looks for new clients and so on. Work is humming. And at this time business shows unknown growth. When I began the first business, profit markup in my business in the first three years was monthly by 1,5 - 1,8 times of rather last month. Thus, in three years my income grew by 50 times! But what occurred further? I began to reduce turns. I began to be put in the business less. And, quickly enough, growth stopped. And recession began a trace. One client left, another refused to work with me and so on. And I was not put in search of new clients. The ostuda me to my business began. And in several years this business had to be closed. Since. it ceased to bring in the income.

It is possible will pile still a heap of similar examples, but all of them will say that stability does not exist. That stability should be found in business instead of the lost client of new! And it efforts. And quite often we understand that methods which worked earlier do not work now. Also it is necessary to look for new methods of customer acquisition. And it is already growth. And in what a difference: to find one client or three? Yes practically in anything. Both in that and in other case it is necessary to do effective actions for search of clients, a question only in volume of these actions. And if not to do these actions, then clients will exhale after a while. I.e. to remain on the place - it is necessary to run. And to grow - it is necessary to run even quicker. And if you stopped, then degradation began.

In the relations the same. In the period of love we do some actions for interest maintenance in each other. But after a wedding the number of these actions sharply decreases, and then in general comes to naught. And in several years we are surprised: and where the love got to? And thawed as those clients in the previous paragraph. The love degraded. And that it remained, it was not necessary to reduce the number of actions for interest maintenance in each other, and it is better to increase them, to diversify, attract new methods and actions, and then the love will develop. And then the relations will not degrade, and will grow. And the love will grow.

Similar to a situation is also with health. At young age we usually about health do not reflect. It is simple to eat. But, ignoring the organism, we gradually spend its resources. And our health degrades. And already here hurts and there hurts etc. And if from young age to support the organism? To help it? To give it vitamins, healthy nutrition, regular physical activities? That, probably, our health will only grow from it. The organism will become is stronger.

If to summarize all aforesaid, then life answers us the question posed unambiguously: we either develop, or we degrade. Even to remain in stability it is necessary to make actions. And often it is necessary to look for new actions since old cease to work, become boring, and it already development.

But usually we do not see that everything is started for a long time. And we begin to see when already late to correct something. Business should be closed, families break up, the organism demands drugs handfuls. And what we do? We create new business, we establish new families Also we walk twice into a same water.

I looked for many years stability. Looked for a point in which it is possible to relax and go down stream And now I can tell with an accuracy that such point does not exist. There is no stability! It is necessary to do effective actions always. And to trace if actions became inefficient, then to look for new. There is either growth, or degradation. So in what process there are you?