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Whether it is possible to change life, having recoloured hair?

At each woman in life happen the moment when she understands - it is necessary to change something. So it is impossible to continue more. The relations with darling reached a deadlock, a work involving all hands at work, and in the mornings from a mirror watches pale reflection with eyes, tired of life. It is necessary to change something, but that?!

Global changes beyond our powers, we cannot change the attitude of darling towards us, a work involving all hands at work too where to put?.

And let`s begin change with ourselves and for a start we will look in a mirror. Face, eyes, hair … Stop, hair! And color is more right than them. Here we will also begin with it … to What

the hair color brings good luck? What hair color does us by more desired and attracts views of men?

As it appeared, on taste, for the color (in literal sense of this word) companions, really, no. One of me respondents claimed that blondes reign over hearts of men and purses, and tops of career development are subject to brunettes. Others, on the contrary, claimed that not without reason about blondes there are a lot of live stories, about their “wisdom“ and a coquetry, and here the brunette - really femmes fatales. There were also those who denied both “black“, and “white“, giving superiority to red-haired temptresses.

It seems, I got confused... Happy, favourite, successful were in each “color“ category.

The individual campaign - seems, here in what all secret. Color of success at each of us the. And the universal recipe does not exist. From what I took it? From personal experience and from an old photo album.

I thumb through the first pages. By nature I am a brown-haired woman with brown eyes. A usual hair color for our geographic latitudes. Usual color - usual life which differed in nothing from one thousand to me similar.

Metamorphosis No. 1. I was recoloured in the burning brunette. What happened to me? An excessive break and tragic element, life it became similar to the Brazilian series. Bluish-black curls of special happiness in love did not bring. Surrounding people, looking at me, everything expected some fatal acts. And I here did not want “fate“. Therefore I changed a hair color again.

Metamorphosis No. 2. Ginger devil. From photos the red little girl with crazy eyes looks at me. And here - self-assured business - the lady in a fur coat at expensive car. Red color brought me mad rise in career. I was that is told, “on a wave“. Prompt career development, good salary, favourite work, success and prosperity. And love? In love everything was perfectly well too. I met the beloved, subdued him, and from - under a snow-white veil the red ringlet was beaten out. Unambiguously, red color brought me both good luck, and love, and success. I even internally became another - sure, strong.

Long-awaited pregnancy forced me to say goodbye to favourite red color. Preserving health of future child and being a little superstitious, I refused for a while color experiments. But already then in my head the dream to try out as the blonde was born.

Pregnancy, pleasure of motherhood... Having accustomed with a role of mother, having strongly settled for the closest 3 years of the house in the decree, I suddenly with surprise understood that together with a red hair color my life was left by success in work, prosperity, internal self-confidence and still something imperceptible. The brown-haired woman in a mirror was an ordinary girl, young mother, the loving wife. But usual. And again everything was told these. Something should be changed … Thumbing through glossy magazines, having seen a photo of the great blonde Marylin Monro, I understood - I want to be the blonde.

Metamorphosis No. 3. I will not describe what efforts it costed me. How many hair it was burned and decoloured. But I achieved result. The platinum blonde with a long “horse“ tail looks mysteriously at me from a photo album. People around, having got used to my color change, gradually began to treat me as to the blonde - without perceiving seriously. To the horror, once I suddenly understood that (yes all blondes of all times and the people will forgive me!) historical “ingenuity“ of the girl - a blonda already not only external manifestation, but it affects my brain. Any fatal incidents, any achievements, any rise, as if with decolouration of hair I suddenly became colourless as the personality. Life became similar to doll representation where the blonde with the doll person made nonsense behind nonsense. I dispelled for myself and the myth about magnetism of blondes in relation to men - appears, and to blondes gets, and they are offended. Life just became colourless and burned as my hair.

It is necessary to change something! Familiar hairdresser and salon. “Again changes?“ - any more my master is surprised to nothing. And I smile and I sing about myself words from the song “Farewell, My Blonde …“

“Hi, the Saffron milk cap!“ - my house so met me. In my life gradually everything began to be adjusted. The maternity leave came to an end, and I speak: “Hi, favourite work!“ I as though became again myself. Strong, quiet, sure. And red color to me to the person …

Remember the life. Remember your “color“ experiments. In what color to you, you, was more comfortable and it is cozy? And now - return to this color, return to that feeling of completeness of life where all on five with plus and still ahead. Blondes, brunettes, brown-haired women, red - all of us are unique, but happy color for each of us only one. And I wish somewhat quicker to you to find it!