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How to be when the soul cat`s demands love?. You remember

that day when brought home this fluffy lump of happiness? Your Barsik / Marquis became for you the real family member. It grew on your eyes - and here from a little angular teenager - a kitten turned into the magnificent mature animal ready to all delights of “adulthood“.

The reproduction instinct at an animal is very strong. It not to persuade to “peremuchitsya“ and “suffer“. Your tender cat at certain moments becomes aggressive and pig-headed. Loud lingering miaow does not allow to sleep peacefully, and “the territory tag“ in improper places shocks with a pungent specific smell. Now even neighbors in a landing it is aware that you have a cat, and this cat demands free love.

Not easier for owners and a fine half of cat`s - the kitty refuses food, becomes whimsical, lingeringly mews, calling the nonexistent gentleman, and directly - surprises with the gymnastic tricks.

The problem is available. And we as the most reasonable of all representatives of fauna, are simply obliged to solve it somehow.

Option first and the simplest - to do nothing. But change of behavior of an animal, lack of appetite, aggression, a capriciousness is only seen display of a powerful hormonal stress in an organism of the animal demanding fertilization and a reproduction. Each such stress affects the health of your pet, promotes development of diseases of urinogenital system and significantly reduces life expectancy. Nothing can be done in this situation just.

Option second - the preparations reducing a sexual inclination at animals in the form of drops, tablets and pricks. The effect and solution are available - the animal becomes quiet, sleepy, and “lyubveobiliya“ passes the next attack within 2-3 days. But everything would be good if it was not so bad.

These preparations hormonal. Having applied them several times, you will not do deadly harm to an animal, but, using them is constant, in each “hellbender“ of the Barsik / Marchioness, you subject the favourites to danger of death. Hormonal shift, development of tumors, a disease of urinogenital system, reduction of longevity of your favourite - that payment which should be paid for medicamentous hormonal suppression of an instinct at an animal.

You are afraid to do much harm and eventually decide not to interfere with the nature. Reproduction instinct so reproduction instinct. If your animal has breed and documents, then with posterity of problems should not be. There is a chance even to earn from it. But what to do if your animal is beautiful soul, and is not of any value for cultivation of breed?

For owners of cats this option, apparently, is quite harmless. The cat was acquired fully, having shown the beginning of a male.

But to owners of a fine half cat`s to follow the tastes of the nature - means to be ready to emergence of posterity. I do not even want to consider option of disposal of posterity right after the birth - not we gave life that to select it. But if for the first time you still manage to attach lovely kittens among friends and acquaintances, then for the second and third time be ready that kittens will remain with you, - not to throw out on the street, joining ranks of homeless animals because nobody wants to take them. Population of cat`s grew at your place by 2-3 individuals. And they will grow up too soon and too we will hear “call of the nature“ …

Here and approached the most radical operational method of a solution - sterilization and castration. Castration of cats and sterilization of cats means removal of gonads and eliminates an inclination. There are many pros and cons of this medical intervention. But veterinarians advise to perform operation if owners are not going to part posterity.

Besides those troubles which are brought by animals at such moments sterilization and castration help to avoid diseases in the future. A “empty“ techka, I will repeat, brings many hormonal problems to your favourite as the organism demands fertilization, also cats are subject to the same hormonal problems. After carrying out operation the constant irritating factor for an animal disappears, character becomes softer and appeasable, the cat or a cat become rather house.

Before operation to your favourite will give an injection, he will not feel any pain. castration is the following manipulations. After preparation of the operational field (careful removal of hair, processing of skin antiseptics and obkladyvany zones of operation by sterile napkins) the doctor a scalpel dissects skin of a scrotum and cover of a testicle, separates seed kanatik with vessels and nerves, ties up and crosses it then deletes a small egg. The postoperative wound does not demand an ushivaniye because covers of a testicle and skin of a scrotum are very well reduced and length of a section does not exceed 5 mm. Upon termination of operation the wound and skin are once again processed by antiseptics around, further leaving is not required. All operation takes 5-7 minutes.

As for cats - here it is a little more difficult, band operation is necessary to them. Sterilization cats can be carried out in several ways. One of them - an ovariogisterektomiya, simultaneous removal of ovaries and a uterus of an animal: is the most effective method of the prevention of pregnancy. Other method - an ovarioektomiya. In this case only ovaries are removed. This option of operation is simpler and too effective. However the regular techka at a cat will proceed, she will feel need for knitting with a cat, the uterus inflammation therefore operation is unsafe for a cat can begin. The owner chooses operation option. Operation, irrespective of option, will take no more than 30 minutes. Then a cat will put on a postoperative bandage and will give in your loving charge. Your attention, caress and care these days will help an animal to recover and return to normal cat`s life quicker.

In the first days after operation the animal can refuse food, but it is not dangerous symptom, main thing to allow to drink more liquid, to avoid sharp movements having a tail (even jumps from sofa height), moistening of postoperative seams. With it you will be helped by a bandage (if you have a kitty), it can be removed only from permission of the veterinarian. The postoperative period at cats lasts 10-12 days, and after removal of seams your favourite will have no restrictions.

To cats seams to remove need is not present, and the restoration period at them passes quicker. Some hormonal changes in an organism nevertheless will take place, but they are not critical. The risk of an urolithic illness increases, but also it can be prevented by means of the healthy balanced nutrition. At cats after castration the level of a metabolism and activity therefore also the need for calories decreases decreases, however appetite remains at the former level, and often it leads to obesity. That is why it is necessary to correct a diet. In more detail about feeding of the castrated cat after operation the doctor will tell.

Many owners doubt whether they make violence over the nature? But often the desire to decline all responsibility for that homeless and vagrant which did not manage to find owners is behind imaginary humanity and love to animals.

Look in eyes to your favourite and weigh everything pros and cons. Choose the only correct decision. And the fluffy friend will thank you the love.