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And Valentin will connect hearts of lovers... What to present?

Are in the middle of February day when on heart it becomes warm, and the soul fades waiting for a small miracle. Flowers, candies and, of course, cards in the form of hearts. Yes, St. Valentine`s Day.

This foreign holiday was strongly fixed in our calendars and every year gains the increasing popularity.

Day when it is possible to tell about love for the first time, and can be reminded in thousand time to itself and darling of feeling which so strong connected you.

Young lovers give in Valentine`s day each other cheerful gifts, exchange symbolical declarations of love. This holiday and to married couples which already long time live together is pleasant. For them the St. Valentine`s Day - an occasion to retire and arrange itself romantic appointment “as for the first time“. Candles, music, dinner, cheerful party or just visit of cinema this day - fine pastime with the person close to you.

If there is the one who very much is pleasant to you, do not hesitate, invite this person at least to walk …

this day it is good not just to congratulate darling, and and it is pleasant to surprise twist the imagination. Perhaps, several ideas will help to make a holiday unforgettable, and it will even more strengthen your feelings.

1. Present to your half a pillow in the form of heart with the put photo where you together. Decorate it with laces, beads, pastes on your taste. This soft gift will remind him of you even in a dream.

2. Buy the beloved the bouquet of the real red roses expressing your sincere and passionate love, and one rosette artificial. Place this rose in the center of a bouquet, and attach to it a note with words: “I will love you until the last rose withers“. Your beloved will understand everything when the bouquet withers if you, of course, do not open her a secret earlier.

3. It is possible to present to the half a disk with a selection of romantic music, or if you manage, to write the music, and on a cover to unpack either a photo of darling, or a photo, where you together, and to sign: “Music for us“, “Remember me when you listen to it“ …

4. One more original idea is peculiar diplomas. They do not demand special financial investments and can be made entirely manually. Try to remember, than your darling subdued you and to give him for it the diploma. As the reason of rewarding you can enter, for example, to “the best husband / guy“, “for the most tremendous kisses“, “to the kindest and attentive“, “for the coziest embraces“, “the diploma of love“, etc. The main thing to emphasize here what you appreciate in darling. Even if it washes every evening the dishes, give it for it the diploma - here you will see how what its works estimated will be pleasant to it.

5. During a visit of shop (choose that shop where there are cells for storage of things) imperceptibly leave for a while, buy one rose and put it in your cell. Having made purchases, to give to darling (loved) an opportunity to open a cell door where your half to the admiration will find a rose. Instead of a rose it is possible to put some other surprise or even a gift.

6. An indispensable symbol of St. Valentine`s Day is the card - a Valentine`s Day card. It can be presented to darling personally, and it is possible to enclose imperceptibly in a pocket, in a handbag or other place. The main thing that your half by all means came across it during the day, read the secret message - a congratulation - and it was lit with happiness and love.

The choice of various souvenirs - angels, figurines, shkatulochka is huge. Classical gifts - gold jewelry, pendents in the form of a heart, ringlets. Chocolates in the form of hearts, cakes and sweets. The balloons and soft toys holding hearts in the pads. It is easy to make a choice.

The main thing - you love each other, and let your feelings will be long and sincere. And gifts are only small pleasures in confirmation of your feelings! And chocolate heart can mean much more Golden Ring with diamond! Warm to you recognitions, affirmative answers and there are a lot of romantic evenings ahead!

With the St. Valentine`s Day!