Rus Articles Journal


Autumn park. Smell of spicy leaves, fires and fall. The dry foliage warms from the penetrating wind a little. Passersby chilly distort shoulders. Cold … It is not my house. I it is temporary here. I just wait …. I remember
Ya day when here it appeared. Was hot, the bright sun shone, we as always went to walk. I very much like to walk with the Most important Person of the life. Today it opened before me car doors. “Jump!“ I frowned, but jumped - I do not love a metal smell. We long went, behind windows flashed, streets, at home, people. My Main Person sang some melody. And I smiled. We are able to smile too. People behind windows became less. Similar it is park. Means it will be possible to run about and porazmyatsya! We stopped. The person looked to me in eyes. And to me suddenly this hot day it became cold. It opened car doors, I jumped out, he remained to sit. I interrogatively looked at it. We have a new game? But so it is inconvenient to play … “To Sit!“ - again metal, but already in a voice. “To wait!“ I obediently sat down. Car doors loudly slapped. The engine screamed, and the car darted off, having disappeared behind turn. And I began to wait ….
Before it never happened. I took offense at the Main Person a little. Looked round on the parties, and laid down on a grass - not so hot. Then I dozed off. And I dreamed a color dream. You do not believe that our world chyorno - white, at pleasure and happiness is also other paints.
When I woke up, already darkened, having felt hungry and to drink. What to do? I remained on the place. Suddenly the Main Person will return, and I am absent?! There came night. I listened to its sounds, looked in its darkness, and then fell asleep again.
was Then day. Having very felt hungry and drink. But I suffered. Some person with the broom tried to banish me. “It Ponaploditsya creatures... “ I tried to explain to him that I very much should be on this place. But he did not understand. I noticed, foreign people not always understand us. And here the Main Person understood me always. Only where it?! Maybe something happened to it? But my heart did not feel any danger to it. It was necessary to wait … for
I night again, and again there was a day … I grew weak. The head was turned. I have to wait … Having looked back on the parties, nobody looks, I ran up to a trash can. Generally to do it not really well, but having very felt hungry. Bottles, pieces of cardboard, boxes, and here … dry roll. It crunched in the teeth not worse than bones which I so loved. With water the situation was worse. It is necessary to suffer. I a bullet returned into place. The avenue still was empty … Did not miss each other! Here and nicely … I wait. I think, the Main Person will not take offense, I am quickly.
I stretched days and nights. We have no calendars and hours, just around everything changed. Rains expected to fall, and the issue with water was resolved by itself. To eat I ran to trash cans nearby, others said that if to be run far away, it is possible to find more tasty, but I did not risk, near my tanks I saw that place where the Main Person has to come, and I did not want to annoy him.
Was still the woman. She brought any delicacies, squated, ironed me on the head and spoke “let`s go with me!“. But unless I could leave this place? It was kind and soft, from it smelled of the house and heat, but she was not the Main Person. When began to fly about leaves, it ceased to come.
Around everything changed … The sun became cold, there were rains more often, on park avenues instead of passersby - wind walked. The foliage under legs rustled. And I waited for everything …
others came running Once. “Let`s go with us! It is necessary to get over from here, there is no food and many winds …“ “I cannot … I have to wait. The main Person told to wait. It will come soon!“ “He threw you!!! Forgot! Threw out as an unnecessary thing! You think, you are one such? Yes a half of us had the house earlier, and now here, rummage in trash cans“. Then I for the first time showed them the teeth. “You still will regret that you did not go with us …“ - plaintively began to squeal main of others. The main Person will come and I will not allow to offend him.
Others left. I remained absolutely alone. Cold days cold to night. I tried to move less, the feeling of hunger so became dull. And with food it was difficult. Water helped out. But from rains the foliage and wool became wet, and it was heavy to be warmed. I lay on cold leaves and shivered from cold. And the Main Person really can threw me and will not come any more?! I should not doubt it, I straightened out myself, doubts kill love. And he loves me! I remembered how it played with me in the childhood as scratched behind ears and told many tender words. And then it “to Sit!“ and “to Wait!“. I did not understand. I ceased to understand a lot of things.
I do not rise Already several days. Around anybody. And I even more often dream color dreams. Dreams me that the Main Person comes to me, sits down nearby, irons on the head. “Well, friend? Waited? Let`s go home“. And we go together with it. Home. Paints leave, there is a darkness. The body shivers from cold and offense. And I so want that there are forces to raise a howl that heard the whole world, but my pain without sound. I will wait!
the Cold night sky of October thrown by clouds, the empty stiffened park. Rustle, not a soul. Leaves carefully cover with a crimson shroud a body of a dog.
A in the sky was lit a star. Expectation star.