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Envy under a threshold of

Envy human does not know a limit and sometimes instead of asking itself the question how to become me happy? what do I should make for this purpose? pushes the person on terrible acts. Without reflecting, we build the happiness on others grief as the house on sand. There passes time. But happiness does not come to our house.
In Elena`s house was always distributed children`s laughter. Three daughters, three small suns grew on pleasure to Elena and her husband Sergey. And though it was not always easy from the material point of view - only one Sergey worked as the driver, and Elena looked after children, love, respect, understanding always were in this house. Elena and Sergey from school fell in love with each other, passed test by army and after Sergey`s return got married. The birth of children pulled together spouses even more, strengthened feelings. Lived for each other and for children. Not always everything was easy, there were also difficulties and adversities, but the fatigue was dispersed by cheerful children`s laughter and a kind smile of Elena.
was pure and cozy in family to the dwelling. Elena was good in housekeeping, tried to be in time all that and the house it is cleaned, and children are well-groomed, and in the yard - flowers in beds, even Alpine hill surprisingly to neighbors with own hand laid out. Girls tried to help mother with everything - and in kitchen, and houses, both managed to study well and attended local school of arts. Still after dark there was Elena, made a tasty breakfast, awoke the husband and children, sent to school and for work. All day as the bee, standing, that in the evening to please family with something tasty. For the weekend, when the family gathered, surely walked in park, or drove daughters in movie theater on animated cartoons. To watch at it a family - and to rejoice.
But not all can rejoice to happiness of others. The neigbour of Elena who lived opposite jaundiced watched more than once Elena and Sergey with girls leave, hiding behind the dirty, covered with dust windows. The neighbour`s love and a consent irritated the woman even more. It is more, even than own not died. The husband left her to other woman, refused the son. A small salary of the seller in shop, the son - the robber, every week in school cause, dirt and a web on corners of rooms.
Elena got on with the neigbour. Tried also kind to support by the word and to treat the son with its tasty pie. You do not respect yourself, Elena! In total before the husband and daughters you dance - the neigbour spoke sometimes to Elena. And I for them also live ! - smiling, Elena answered. You are not afraid that the husband will bring the mistress, he at you the man visible ? - cunning asked, trying to afflict Elena. As I love it with girls - it will be loved by nobody .
Envy - envy, but having realized that not to quarrel Elena with Sergey, they will live and raise together children further, the neigbour decided to pass to radical actions. Found the woman who was engaged in magic, and, having shown it a photo since some holiday which neighbors celebrated together where there were also Elena with Sergey and daughters, having paid the considerable sum of money to the witch ordered it family. The woman in black long philosophized over a photo, burned down candles and told some words. Finally gave a small handful of the exorcized grain and told to strew under a threshold. More they will not rejoice - told at the end of the magical ceremony.
the Neigbour diligently followed instructions of a vorozhea. Imperceptibly poured out exorcized grain on the Eleniny yard. Also began to expect.
At first got to infectious diseases hospital of the girl - high temperature, spasms, suspicion on meningitis. Elena with Sergey spent the day and spent the night in hospital. When finally it became better for girls - one more trouble was knocked to the house - Sergey broke an official car, rather large sums were necessary on repair of the car. All savings were spent, the car is repaired, but Sergey was all the same discharged from office. The man difficult endured loss to the robot, it was necessary to feed with something a family. Trying to reduce emotional stress, it is imperceptible for itself, it began to be put to a shot glass. Elena suffered, understood the husband as to him it is heavy, but the atmosphere of a consent in a family gradually began to disappear. Children were capricious, the husband drank, quarrels began. The loving man, drinking vodka, became others and aggressive, abused Elena and children. Began even to raise a hand against the beloved wife. Elena suffered. Persuaded in a minute when it was sober, to lay down on treatment. Sergey agreed. Went to hospital. Elena on neighbors went and lent money for treatment of the husband. Got a job the cleaner in shop somehow to feed children. Sergey was treated nearly a month. Elena expected day of its extract with impatience - again together will begin to build the broken life. Without having held on also several days after hospital, Sergey began to drink, take out things from the house again, to abuse children and to beat the wife. New Year Elena with children met on a frost - Sergey was closed in the house and drank with friends.
to Elena`s Patience came the end. Having realized that not to return the former Sergey any more, the man of normal life does not want, and she needs to think of children - Elena filed documents for divorce. For half a year from happy families remained only one reminiscence and a photo. After divorce Elena, having taken away children, returned to parents. Sergey remained in the empty house one.
Somehow towards evening the neigbour visited it with a vodka bottle. What, neighbor? Let`s drink and we will talk neighborly . Visited and and remained, subsequently in general having moved to the house opposite.
that there lived once happy the family - hardly anyone - that remembers. The dirty beaten windows, the yard which grew with a weed. A web, empty bottles from under wine and vodka. Sergey lives with the cohabitant &ndash here; former neigbour. Both drink, do not work anywhere. The neighbour`s son lies on the cemetery - drug addicts long do not live.
A somewhere under a threshold, under a layer of dirt and the earth rots exorcized grain. In this house the children`s laughter is not distributed, there does not live the love. In this house nobody will rejoice more