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there was a cold frosty December day. Since morning there was snow and the city, with its snow-covered streets by the evening promised will turn into an illustration to New Year`s cards.

Liouba glanced at a calendar, the 13th, Saint Andrey`s holiday. Recured scraps of fortune-telling, ceremonies to the memory. She is remembered even, in youth with girlfriends guessed. Then, long ago, under whisper of girlfriends “well there, speak quicker!“, the hands shivering for nervousness, extended the crumpled piece of paper. Developed and … sadly told “Andrey …“ Andreyev then at it on the horizon was not.

There passed years. Liouba married and gave birth to the daughter. The husband was called precisely not Andrey. “Nonsenses all this!“, both ceremonies and fortune-telling and all its family life. The girlfriend Natasha in day of her divorce, trying to console, spoke: “You should have married Andrey, but not this blockhead … Here would marry Andrey - and life in a different way developed! “. Only where to take this Andrey?! On fatal combination of circumstances, men with such beautiful name Andrey in an environment at Liouba were not observed again.

To have dinner agreed at office at Natalya. Cheerful, cheerful Natalya was a hostess and the administrator in one person of marriage agency. Despite all its attempts to marry Liouba and their quarrels from - for it, women were the real girlfriends ready to come to the rescue the friend - to the friend on the first call. Liouba ran in cafe, took couple of salatik and favourite white chocolate for the girlfriend.

Natalya met her with the mysterious person. “Only do not begin me to marry off again!!! And that I will leave and will have dinner itself …“ “Well, Lyubochka … Well such groom!!!“ - Natalya span around it. “You know, the girlfriend, I was tired! Here you remember in the childhood we guessed, and I Andrey extended a piece of paper with a name, and so, I there is nobody now, except Andreyev, gets acquainted I will not be! “ It seems got out, Liouba thought and put a teapot. “So I also offer Andrey to you“ - the girlfriend cunning smiled.

Andrey got to agency to Natalya incidentally. Was mistaken a door, having confused with newspaper editorial office where it went to advertize in sale of the car. Enterprising Natalya, having made out in it the perspective candidate for her agency and just handsome man, detained the guest, razgovorit, gave to drink coffee, and having found out that Andrey is single, simply not could let out just like that. An hour and a half heart-to-heart talk and Andrey whether convinced by Natalya`s arguments that he should not be one also deserves happy family life, whether just tired and realizing that it is easier to fill in the questionnaire and to leave, than still to spend half of day, at last agreed to fill in the questionnaire and gave green light for calls of brides and meetings.

“It it!!!“ - eyes at the girlfriend fanatically burned. Then followed 15 - ti a minute monologue, about their fortune-telling, about unsuccessful marriage, about that what Liouba good and that she deserves the good, reliable man nearby, and at last the last powerful argument referred to the daughter who needs the father. “But you do not know even that it for the person!“ - tried Liouba will be protected. “Here you will meet it and learn! And in general, I am a remarkable psychologist, I see people through …“ “Except for two of your husbands.!“ - having smiled, Liouba thought.

Girlfriends long argued, and would argue even more if Liouba`s lunch did not end long ago, and she should have run. Having taken the oath promise from the girlfriend to be at seven in the evening on steps of bank near an underground passage, Natalya undertook to organize “appointment blindly“.

“Why I go? Where?“ - Liouba wondered. She did not trust in miracles long ago. One more banal disappointment, the evening spent for nothing. Specially did not try to look better, than is, initially without believing in gravity of an invention. Not for the sake of itself and the happiness there was it without five seven on steps of the strict and cold building of bank and to prove to the girlfriend all nonsense of its invention.

Exactly in seven zero zero approached it the tall, broad-shouldered man. “You Andrey?“. “And you, Lyubov?“ ….

They long walked snow-covered streets of the evening city. They so many friend an arch should be told. And when words became silent, for them the silence spoke. Relationship of souls? Love at first sight? December snow covered with a soft blanket the filling-up city. “With day of Andrey, you, Andrey!“ - Liouba in several minutes till midnight managed to whisper.

A guest of honor at a wedding Andrey and Liouba had of course a girlfriend Natasha.

Can be miracles in our life do not happen to us, not because they are absent but because we just do not notice them.