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In whose hands there have to be family money?

Here also died down wedding celebrations, “honey“ months ended and usual everyday life of family life came. Now you more than ever understand the words “both in the mountain, and in pleasure“, divide not only “a shelter and a bed“, but also all questions of the family budget. By the way, about the family budget...

For many couples this question in whose hands there have to be family money, becomes the real stumbling block. Till this day you disposed of the finance individually, planned, counted, borrowed the blood. But now you two. In whose hands there has to be a family budget? Who has to make financial decisions? Let`s consider several options on the example of concrete married couples.

Couple No. 1. Valentin and Dasha, in marriage of 7 years. Valentin very rational young man, even to such question as creation of a family, approached with accurate business - the plan. Calculated all charges of the wife in advance. And after financial calculations made the proposal to Dasha. Naturally, Valentin manages family money. Dasha should “protect“ the weekly purchases, justifying expediency of each point. No, Valentin not the tyrant and not the despot, just in this family he decides how many and what to spend for, the alternative is not subject to discussion.

Couple No. 2. Katerina and Andrey, in marriage of 6 years. Couple with a situation on the contrary. Besides that only who works in this family it is Andrey, Katerina manages all means. Bank credit cards, a salary card - everything is at the wife. She makes decisions on purchases, not always remembering to report about them in advance. Andrey only needs to state: “I everything, as always, learn the last, today the wife bought expensive boots, and I had to borrow the companion on cigarettes …“ Sometimes it seems to Andrey that in the family he is necessary only for earning money and repayment of the credits. The element of truth, probably, is present at it.

Couple No. 3. Yulia and Yury, in marriage of 6 months. Despite the accord of names, in this married couple at everyone the family budget. They halve expenses on payment of the rental apartment, in half a monthly grocery set. If decide to give each other a gift, then beforehand stipulate its approximate sum. What for? That suddenly nobody spent no more not less and strictly stipulated sum (ten plus-minus, but are allowed no more!) . On a question and if someone from you loses work and will not be able to pay a half of family expenses, young spouses thoughtfully are silent. And for some reason it seems to me that they did not become a family.

Couple No. 4. Sergey and Elena, in marriage 3 years. You will not call planned their family budget. Couple seeks to do everything together and as they have no children yet - to live happily. They travel much, do not refuse to themselves small and sometimes very expensive whims, always seek to go in step with fashion and technical progress, are at expensive restaurants and clubs. The motto of their life - all and now. All this is remarkable, only if the output at the end of the month met with the credit. At the end of the month of steam runs on acquaintances and looks for whom to borrow to a salary. Though parents often help out a family, paying debts and occupying gratuitously and irrevocably to 1 - go numbers …

We considered stories of four couples. I do not know how to you, and me they as options of maintaining family cash desk - not really. It is somehow one-sided, in general it is unclear - a family it or club on interests and on the constant help of parents it seems as well as it is a shame to count, and any debts should be repaid sooner or later. And as it is known - you take others, but it will be necessary to give that - the. But here what is clear accurate:

1. the one who really is able to do it has to dispose of Money of a family.

2. All family expenses and decisions on them have to be made together, not to the detriment of any of half.

3. your family budget - this your money, learn to dispose of them, without counting on the help from outside, support of parents, an odalzhivaniye at friends.

In whose hands there have to be family money - a little difficult question. Do not listen to anybody`s councils: girlfriends - “you have to direct, and a point! “, words of the beloved mother-in-law - “my son earns, and you stay at home, here he let and solves what to spend … for“. Sit down in the evening with darling at one table, glance each other in eyes, realize that the question “Who Will Be the Main Thing on a Purse?“ does not mean domination of one half on another. You - a family, you love each other, you move on life in one direction, and the purpose at you one - happy family life, without quarrels, shouts and scandals, and examinations “Who in the house main?“.

Give the chance to prove each other as the treasurer of family cash desk: let one month a man`s half of couple, and for other month - female disposes of family money. Later time, compare results, analyse who disposed of the budget more successfully. Do not take offense if it are suddenly not you. The main thing - a family is good. Be glad for the partner. Also do not reproach if at your half did not leave rationally to dispose of family money. You remember, you - the family, connected you love, and let it to you will help to find the answer to this question together: “In whose hands there have to be family money?“