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Noise of the modern world. Why we do not shout of the deafness?

traffic Noise, scratch of brakes, sound of receivers, roar of construction mechanisms, roar of jet planes. We live and we work among it. This noise interrupts our sleep, causes nervous irritation, reduces efficiency and does physical harm which consequence we do not even present ourselves.

Noise became a damnation of a modern civilization.

But as nobody bears direct responsibility because noise is a consequence of almost any human activity and also because deafness does not cause special pity in people for noise emergence, the problem of control of noise and its restrictions is ignored.

Only over the past few years in process of growth of number of the motor transport and emergence of jet planes public attention was drawn to a noise problem. Requirements to put a barrier of approach to our ears are around the world heard. In Rome and Paris automobile beeps were forbidden. On Bermuda which world was disturbed by angry hum of mopeds the ban on this, the most proletarian, a type of transport was imposed. The American industrialists agreed to limit noise of the cars made by them. The authorities of New - York first-ever introduced strict restrictions for intolerable noise of the huge jet planes starting from the international airport.

Thousands of people became partly deafs from - for the noise made by machines or other mechanisms at which they worked. A classical example of production deafness are the workers occupied with finishing of coppers. Also drivers of trucks, buses, steel founders, employees of the sawing enterprises and many others suffer. Often all consequences become obvious, only when the person retires. So far the person works, and his companions perform the same work, all in collective get used to shout at each other. In the same place, where the person lives, having reached a retirement age, its habit to shout, turn on radio and TVs too loudly, becomes a sign of antisocial behavior, and it is harder and harder for deaf person to adapt to a new environment.

The problem of production noise consists also that few people attach it serious significance. Threat does not admit even people who suffer from noise. The roar is an undesirable and useless by-product of production, but to eliminate it difficultly and expensively. Let`s take as an example the jet planes arriving to the London airport. Noise which they make is rather unpleasant for those who work at the airport, but even more for those who live near it.

The source of concern can be eliminated if to move the airport in some remote part of the country, but it will create inconveniences for passengers, and such movement will cost much. Noise can be reduced by installation of more effective “mufflers“ or creation of a new design of the motor, but too it is necessary to pay for it.

Now an important task is training of people who understand how it is possible to avoid noise or to reduce it. Engineers have no idea of how to create the mechanism which would not publish a lot of noise. There are not enough even scientists with knowledge of this problem.

Education has to become the first step in the direction of creation of the quiet world. For example, at universities of England there is no faculty of acoustics or control of noise: it is a shameful indicator for one of the most noisy countries of the world.