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How to begin to earn money? A zero step of

By my experience it is impossible to earn money for the sake of money. Money always manages to be earned, only if you know for what they are necessary to you. Many books are written about dream, how it is necessary to set the purposes, in many MLM - the companies speak about dream, about collages and so on.

But for some reason collages do not work, the dream does not motivate, the purposes are not realized, business does not go...

Let`s try to deal with this question. For a start - we will share the concepts “dream“ and “purpose“. The Russian person has always a zaputka with these two concepts.

According to Wikipedia: The dream is a treasured desire which execution promises happiness whereas the Purpose is an ideal or real subject of conscious or unconscious aspiration of the subject; final result to which process is purposely directed.

So that we want: houses, apartments, cars, clothes, holiday etc. - all this belongs to definition of the purpose, than dream more. These are real objects of conscious aspiration of the subject.

Therefore if to the desires to treat as the purposes, everything becomes more clear and it is somehow simpler. The dream is something huge and low-achievable, and for achievement of the purpose it is quite possible to make the action plan. The purposes are also spoken well that in Russian somehow it is impossible to tell the word dream in plural. And here is much more whole - without problems.

Well, we decided on it. Now the following question: and how all - to define the purposes? What all of us - want?

In response to this question I often hear typical answers. I want the house of 500 sq.m and servants in it, I want to go there - that, to buy it and so on. And these typical answers do not work.

Still I saw many collages which also do not work. If who does not know, then the collage is when on a sheet of paper many pictures with the purposes of this person are pasted. Also they do not work too for the reason that they are typical.

What means typical? These purposes actually are not necessary to the person. He read somewhere, or he was told that it is necessary to set the purposes that it is necessary to do a collage. And the person made it because is necessary . He does not know actually what he wants. It gathered a heap of the different purposes, for various reasons. Some to it are nice, some because it “abruptly“, others to it was advised by relatives or friends. But any of these purposes does not motivate it, does not light.

Here we also approached the main criterion of the choice of the purpose: it has to light ! Eyes have to burn, in place is not sat, it is necessary to run and already to do something for its realization! There has to be fire of desires. From correctly chosen purpose the drive appears, and you are ready to go and work for the sake of its realization!

Not easy? And all it is difficult! And me too. But all the time, as long as I could remember, such purposes were realized. I wanted to buy the house and as pledge paid the last 100 thousand rubles. But it was necessary for me! I lit up! And in 2 - 3 months I paid for this house 10 million rubles without any credits.

Other case: I decided to change once again the car and one-year-old Landkruzer for 1,7 million rubles saw on the parking. And money there were only 600 thousand. I lit up, turned the half-cities, but I bought it in 2 days, again - without the credits.

In both cases successful transactions thanks to which I earned this money or sold something unnecessary were sprained. But the speech now not about it.

it was necessary to me ! Also it is not just necessary, and is necessary ! And I was ready for this purpose a lot of things to make! I burned with desire!

And how the average inhabitant reacts? A little fastidiously: apartment? Well, it would be quite good to improve living conditions and to move, at last, from a communal flat. Watches TV further... We live boringly. We have no fire of desires.

Only thanks to such purposes which inspire us, from which the drive appears, there are high-quality changes in our life.

Still it is possible to call such purpose absolute idea. But it is absolute only for you. It does not motivate other person. For one person can be such absolute idea to buy the apartment, and for another - a fur coat to the child. It individually for everyone.

Also it is not necessary to look for ten such ideas, find one, but that lit! When you realize - you will find following.

For someone it can be non-material idea: under the sedentary back of money you will not palm off, for example. And this person will get up and will go to work. This idea will get moving forward it and will force to rustle. And later it will find another.

Such purpose or absolute idea changes over time. It is necessary to check constantly - and whether your absolute idea moves you? Or it is time to look for new?