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How to take the first step in business? Or business - the action plan.

Any business begin with the first step. But here usually also it turns out zatyk. There is a set of questions: what to do how to do, where to move... And the person begins to look for answers to these questions. And answers the uncountable set and any of them does not approach because it is not applicable to human life which looks for the answer. These are answers of other people. So to do?

The answer is simple: it is necessary to take the first step! What? Yes actually it is not important. To hold some meeting, for example, to ask council the skilled businessman, to begin to make business - the plan. And it is clear that behind the first step there has to be the second, third and so on. Under the sitting bum you will not palm off a roll of money and one note it will not turn out too. It is necessary to do actions!

But if to do actions it is chaotic and what got, then, most likely, they will be senseless, and you will be similar to “a chaos particle“. And here we come to understanding that actions, most likely, have to be ordered.

Thus, taking the first step, you have to understand and what following and what third and fourth and so on. That is there has to be a plan! Plan of business! And it is also business - the plan! Being accustomed to complicate everything, we consider business - the plan the big thick document in which everything that is only possible is stated. But it not always so. The plan of business consisting let for a start from 5 steps is business too - the plan, the plan of your business.

Let`s sort an example. Once long ago I worked as the chief accountant. Also decided that it is necessary to begin own business. I made the plan of the business and began to act. The first step I agreed with the organization where I worked that I will go to work not every day now, and once a week, and money they will pay me the same, but a clearing settlement. After that I registered Ltd company. Also made the contract with the former employer. The first client is, business is begun, the income remained the same, became time more.

I.e. the beginning of business consisted of several steps. And I accurately understood what I should make and with what result. I knew several steps forward. And any “if“ was not there. And if they do not agree? And if that? And if syo? I had a plan, and I according to it acted. And, I will repeat once again, I saw forward on several steps. On how many steps it is necessary to see forward? At least on three. 5 - 6 better. It is even better if it is more. But seeing the first three steps, and doing the first, you begin to understand the fourth step. Here it is a confidential formula of the businessman! The businessman always looks at several steps forward!

Let`s review other example. Network marketing was my first attempt of creation of own business. When you come to work to the network company to you give the action plan. And this plan consists of several steps which are urged to lead the beginning Consultant to success. The first MLM - the company with which I got acquainted there was Herbalife. There was an action plan. And at me nothing turned out. Why? And I implemented not all clauses of the plan, and carried out some incorrectly. Then I got acquainted with the company Amvey. And they have a plan. Do time, do two and so on. If memory does not change me, about 9 points. Here results were better. But I all the same implemented not all clauses of the plan. Therefore did not become the cool businessman Amvey. But all network companies have a plan: as as it is necessary to do to achieve success.

But MLM is not only the action plan. Usually also quite quite good offer, this training, is infrastructure which serves clients and Consultants and so on. And that is quite essential, it is experience which can be received. If you make an essential mistake in traditional business, then it is possible to lose quite big money and if you make a mistake in MLM - business - that will waste only time. And you and so lose it sitting in front of the TV and drinking beer.

What experience can be got in MLM - the company? For a start it is possible to learn to work according to the action plan. If you act not according to the plan, then there will be no result! Further it is possible to learn to conduct the public presentations and negotiations that too very important experience. But there is a heap to the people which in MLM also money earns! And it is very good side effect of receiving experience, and almost only measuring instrument of the made correct actions.

So, we will sum up the result. If we do not know what to begin business with, it is possible to begin it with MLM - the company. In MLM there is already a product, there is an infrastructure, and MLM can give irreplaceable experience, and also if all of you make correctly, then and the normal income. And the income will allow to release time. And further it will be already possible to make the decision on traditional business. How to you such business - the action plan?

Here it is only not necessary to contact any speculators and financial pyramids, type MMM. Whether you will earn money there it is still a question, and here to yourself will spoil reputation for certain. If you do not know how to choose MLM - the company, then pm, I will be able to help with the choice. And on the basis of questions I will write separate article. And in one of the following articles we will consider a question how to distinguish speculators.

Oleg Pronko