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“Dream“ of teenage life

I Welcome you, dear readers.
Naturally should begin with acquaintance. My name is Sergey, I am 17 years old, am engaged in blogging. I think it so far will be enough. Let`s begin.
I so what “the dream of the teenager“ is? It is that carefree life which of itself means: Free pro-driving of day, there is no importunity from parents - to feel generally already “adult“, ready most to make decisions, without parental interventions. Unless it is bad when the teenager wants to develop itself, and trying all new? Let`s consider …
• Money
at the age of 13 - 14 years, I was told “You gradually enter adulthood, cope with much, arrive as you wish, will answer itself“. After these words I presented myself the adult capable most to resolve issues. At first it very much pleased. There passed several years and I began to ask for financial aid of parents. The only thing that I from them heard: “You are already adult, go earn itself“. I settled to work, but received literally - pennies. From a hopelessness, I elicited some sum at parents. And so proceeded many times. As a result left that I am a “adult“ person who cannot earn to himself on bread, ridiculously.
• Study
Also goes a problem about education of the teenager. Releasing the child to live as it will want to him, he hardly “will undertake the head“. Receiving a full freedom of action, it most likely will begin: to smoke, take alcoholic drinks, will throw study. Having lived so some time, he will join this life of which he so dreamed. But later, he most likely will understand that that “dream“ which he so imagined - other. Without high education you will not be able to get good job, and to get this education, having lived so thoughtlessly - it is impossible. When you understand it, it will be already late. And you will remember words of the family: “study, in the future you will support yourself“. And on what you will support the future wife and children, and also parents who soon already need your help? Correctly, there is nothing.
• Sexual activity
There now, that under a subject which is loved by all. At the age of 16 - 17 years, girls and guys want - to lose all that intimate and to begin “mad sex life“. It is the most potential danger to both floors. At least once without “having protected“, it is possible to catch a dangerous illness - HIV. So be careful.
By the way, girls, I advise to keep the virginity to that which will present to you children. When you, for the sake of that remain the innocent, you at that very moment, can tell it: “I stored it for you, it is my gift to you“. We of course will be very glad, isn`t it?. But danger is that not each guy is ready to bring children in the near future. Many girls, having fallen in love once, hang on a neck at the guy, and are ready to make for the sake of him anything. But whether they are ready to do all most for the sake of you too? Therefore I advise after all to make out him or her from outside and to make the general choice. I would like to write
I in the conclusion. If your family shouts at you why you do not study, force you to do that that on the house, forbid you a lot of things - do all. In the future you will remember only it, and will tell the parents thanks.
Listen to yours the father and mother, good luck.
A what was important for you at teenage age?