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Whether all can drink juice?

Sometimes are not believed that the most useful products have contraindications. I learned only recently that juice - not an exception though vitamins B them most of all.

For example, tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbage - permanent residents of our kitchen gardens and dachas. They are available, easy in preparation and possess high tastes. Fresh juice from these vegetables is very useful to an organism, but at some diseases, it appears, them to accept extremely dangerously.

Perhaps, we also do not drink juice from cabbage and a cucumber every day, but tomato juice is constantly registered on a dining table at all seasons of the year.

it is useful for the people having hypostases and that who has problems with stagnation of liquid to drink tomato juice. It well helps at colds, strengthens capillaries, and at continuous application is good prevention of atherosclerosis.

Juice is rich with vitamin C and potassium that does it irreplaceable for pregnant women. And still tomato juice reduces appetite, than deserved a rank of the dietary product promoting weight loss.

However the main value of tomato juice in lycopene . This substance is especially effective at treatment of oncological diseases, and even at thermal treatment in tomatoes does not collapse.

By the way, lycopene is in a water-melon, apricots and grapefruit with red pulp.

The tasty, useful and loved by all juice, appears, is not absolutely harmless and has of contraindication . The people suffering from cholelithiasis have to limit its use. And only after consultation with the doctor gradually to enter into a diet.

Juice from a cucumber strengthens heart vessels, regulates pressure. In combination with carrot juice helps at rheumatic diseases and it is considered a good demulcent. Stimulates and improves memory therefore it is especially useful to students during session.

But also not all can accept cucumber juice. As well as tomato, it is contraindicated to to people with biliously - and a pochechnokamenny illness. So be not engaged in amateur performance, practicing a naturopathy, and at first consult to the doctor to derive advantage and pleasure from drink.

Important : cucumber juice it is purely possible to accept no more than 100 g a day. Its action amplifies in at a combination to other juice in the form of cocktails :

- cucumber (100 g) + carrot (100 g);

- cucumber (100 g) + carrot (50 g) + beet (50 g);

- cucumber (100 g) + juice from blackcurrant (100 g);

- cucumber (100 g) + apple (50 g) + grapefruit (50 g).

By the way, cucumber juice is irreplaceable in cosmetology. It is rich with potassium and calcium. These vitamins are especially useful to those at whom hair drop out and split, nails exfoliate and break. It is good to wipe with juice of a cucumber face skin. It humidifies it and feeds. And in hot weather perfectly refreshes and opens a time that to skin it was better breathed.

Juice from cabbage is useful at colds from - for high content of vitamin C in it. And iodine and phytoncides will help to cope with quinsy and bronchitis.

Low-calorie cabbage juice will help to lose extra kilos because the tartronovy acid which is its part slows down process of transformation of carbohydrates into fats.

Folic acid, amino acids, minerals and antiulcer vitamin U - not all list of “stuffing“ of cabbage juice.

It is recommended for prevention of an exacerbation of stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum. It is effective at tumors and treatment of tuberculosis. And still it is useful to accept cabbage juice at sleeplessness and for decrease in level of cholesterol in blood, clarification of a spleen and at locks.

But also cabbage juice has of contraindication . To the people having diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, stomach ulcer and a duodenum in a sharp stage of an aggravation, it is impossible to accept it.

Important . Juice of cabbage renders advantage only in a fresh look. Addition of several drops of lemon juice or a little honey is allowed. At the salt use useful substances are lost.

Here really: what is medicine for one, other organism does irreparable harm.