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Wonderful new world?

Before us there is very difficult question: Whether “Really we want to act according to the fact that we know? Whether really most of the population considers useful to take measures to stop or turn back the current trend to slipping to totalitarian control of all life? “

In the United States (and America represents a mirror of future life of all world industrially - a city civilization in several years) polls showed that most of young people of teenage age, future voters, do not trust in democratic institutes, do not object to a ban of unpopular ideas, do not trust in a possibility of the existence of the government elected by the people and operating on command of the people and would be absolutely happy if they continued to live in those conditions which developed thanks to economic recovery, and the oligarchy consisting of experts would operate them from above.

The fact that very many full fans of television programs from the strongest world democracy show so absolute indifference to idea of self-government are so frankly not interested in freedom of thought and the right to have different views, very sadly, but it is not too surprising. We speak “A free little bird“ - and we envy ability to make unlimited movements in three-dimensional space which is possessed by winged beings. But we forget about dodos who, having forgot to fly, became an easy mark of colonists of Mauritius and died out. Any bird who will learn to collect livelihood on the earth will soon refuse the right to fly and will become an easy mark of terrestrial predators.

Something similar is fair also concerning human beings. If supply with bread regularly and plentifully three times a day, then many will be quite happy to live bread uniform - or, at least, bread and shows. When affairs go badly and diets will demand to work more vigorously, the dodos who forgot to fly will want to use wings again, but again will refuse the attempts to fly up as soon as times improve, and the farmers who are growing up dodos will become kinder and more generous.

It is possible that young people who now so low appreciate democracy will grow up and will become fighters for freedom. Under the changed circumstances a call “Give me the TV and hamburgers, but do not burden me with responsibility of freedom“ it can be replaced with a call: “Give me Freedom or kill me“. If there is such revolution, then it will become partly result of action of forces which are not subject even to the most powerful masters, partly a consequence of incompetence of these governors, their inability to effectively use tools on a manipulation consciousness which were created by science and equipment and which they continue to create for future tyrants.

So far in the world still there was a little freedom. However, many young people, apparently, do not appreciate freedom. But some of us still believe that without freedom human beings cannot become completely human, and freedom is the supreme value. Perhaps, forces which nowadays threaten freedom are too strong, and they will not manage to be constrained long. But nevertheless by our debt it is necessary to do everything to show them resistance.