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The self-regulating power in balance of four different forces of society.

Perfection of society have to assimilate to functioning of an organism. Platon
the Steady world is under construction on a potential difference: everything that is connected with a phenomenon of life has TWO POLES between which current flows. A binomial - a condition of pulse of life of existence of Reason. Brain and TWO big hemispheres! The clever person has to solve all problems only this way: Culture of thought - Culture of the right - Culture of the organization - Culture of the relations - Culture of life!!!!!

A look in a truth essence.

This idea I was suggested by the coding DNA system. Its basis consists of four nitrogenous bases which are collected in the complete interacting COUPLES: pirimidinovy - female type and purinovy - man`s type. This idle time four nuclear code cipher all our DNA huge library.

Many countries of the world even more often shake crises. And it means that the reason is concluded not in policy, economy, finance … - all this is based on the LAW ESSENCE. The organization of system of the power which is not satisfying modern society for development conditions is imperfect. Effectively perfect power should be built POLARLY of TWO systems: the motivating power of voters and the representative power of a state machinery. The power of voters has to be engaged in social laws, and representative - strategic laws of a str - ny, based on social laws. If to look on society at that there, in turn we will find TWO ON - LYaRNOSTI of community of people - the equal shares of women and men having DIFFERENT activity and interest in life. Means, social laws need to be developed specially SEPARATELY both for women`s society, and for man`s. And here social laws, joint at the level of ALL community, should be done of COMPROMISE solutions of views of female and man`s leaders on the terms of the POWER of PARITY. Such division of a zakonod - telny powers of TWO, but different authorities will ALWAYS protect any society from COLOR revolutions, a way - stvuya to development of FULL legislative base of society and harmonious vital space of the person in it.

the Leader is in each population of animals and the person, and if it does not possess the corresponding biofields, population breaks up and perishes. The pack changes the leader when he grows old and cannot normally function. The states break up because that the fictitious leaders not capable rule them it is reasonable to stimulate life. Paying attention to a bee swarm where the uterus is replaced on new, young in time, we find out that the similar swarm becomes immortal - the immortal community of mortal individuals is created. The structure can be immortal, but individuals in it are mortal. If to consider the person as structure, and cages, from a cat - ry this structure is realized as individuals, then the person, in principle, can be immortal if mortality of individuals - cages is ordered according to the reasonable scheme. B. V. Bolotov “Health of the person in unhealthy society“ of

Self-government of the Power of Voters in the constituency.

In the past I am civil engineer, and from this practice took out experience of two bases: the customer is a motivating party, and the contractor is an executive party. And between them there has to be a law, and only the law. And what there is a law? It is the practice of life of various relationship crystallized in especially strict rules of actions.

Here a way to the healthy developing community: Culture of the right - Culture of the relations - Culture of life! In realities of LIFE of any country with an election system (life is a process of the relations from elections before elections, and elections are a jump of quality or... trample) actually is only TWO POLAR forces down: VOTERS as the motivating party and OFFICIALS as the executive party. Officials have the UNIFORM STRONG power - they is TOTAL are RALLIED by HARDWARE SYSTEM and often without having influence of OTHER polar force in power fall into a temptation to exercise the power given them in the mercantile interests because voters … are separate, and try to be organized OUT OF the POWER in various oppositional is GREY - BURO - the CRIMSON dissonance: labor unions, parties, funds, concourses …. All this is not PRODUCTIVE!!! Foreheads the POLITICIANS who saddled the power easily can push together these educations - divide and dominate! The organization in system of public administration, but not somewhere on the party, the counterbalancing vertical of the state power which is bringing together all voters in UNIFORM POWERFUL other polar force and excluding any color confused unnecessary revolutions is necessary. And only in this case will appear from below at most voters as the motivating party, the reasonable social laws removing contention between officials and voters. In the State Duma never, I repeat never will do the timely and effective social laws defusing any tensions in society.

Simple essence. The citizens who as a result of elections received the mandate have then in the hands omnipotent and full-fledged system of the power with its attributes: legislators, prosecutor`s office, president, prime minister, police …. And other citizens who gave work to these people in system of the state remain on beans because have from - nachalno no system of the power in primary state body - constituencies. From where the representative power begins to be replenished with leaders? From the moment of elections in constituencies. As equals it is possible to speak with the persons who sat down at government apartments, only at strict oh - Lance of forces of two systems of the power: Power of Council of Citizens of districts and Power of persons of government. That - us, citizens, heard saddled the power for this purpose in time it is necessary to hope for force of the power of the law.

Essence of a global problem of all times and people: the conflict it when TOPS are not ABLE, and BOTTOMS DO NOT WANT! Are not able, it means that the INTELLIGENCE of the power lags behind development of life of society. And what purpose elections are OBLIGED presledo - to vat? To update the power fresh brains! There is no it. Why? Who HAS TO improve and approve RULES of ELECTIONS - those WHO are CHOSEN, or those WHO CHOOSE? A verdict of REASONABLE LOGIC in a great smys - le: those WHO CHOOSE! And what we see in realities of day? Those WHO are CHOSEN by them and approve all laws vybo - a ditch! Whether elections which purpose to create growth of quality of INTELLIGENCE of the POWER, having filled up it with the advanced brains at new elections can be effective in this case. No! The curve rules of elections made under themselves by those WHO are CHOSEN on purpose to remain in chairs of the power are a brake of development of life the people the next bloody revolution as result of rotting of brains of the power will not rebel yet. Are necessary to us NOT Rewa - Lucia of bloody wars, and reasonable evolutionary development of life without scrapes. Conclusion: the conflict is created neef - fictitious rules of elections as the main reason for all troubles of world problems!!! Rules of elections of OBYa - to DO ZANY those WHO CHOOSE and the INTELLIGENCE of the power will begin to develop intensively, improving the world of people!

The power of the Verdict of Council of Citizens in constituencies.
We all live in government institution of primary power - constituencies: District Residence.
1. Administratively - economic service OMZh. The managing director of OMZh and the Power of Council of Citizens of the district with a verdict of a vote the same as it is made in vessels - jurors. This management of OMZh in necessary spheres of the power: the organization of referenda, all elections - counting of votes and publication of result of elections to mass media. To allow to elections only the checked faces. The response of those who did not justify trust and their place is received by the candidates who took the second place on elections and the leapfrog of re-elections is not necessary. To liquidate electoral commission as a rudiment of the power and the place of frauds with voices!
2. Legal service of OMZh. Current legal proceedings are corrupted with commerce so that - debny affairs just it is too expensive for many citizens of sou. Any business consists of necessary stages. 1. Business bases: schemes, normat - you, rules, laws …. 2. The technology put: as as it is necessary to do …. 3. The estimate put: as how much is …. 4. Finan - sirovany affairs is the most important! Here also all stage of sense of business who also for what purpose puts finance consists - “who pays that and orders music“, filling the law with executive force in thirst merkan - tilny or public interests! And big money any business it is possible to seduce from a reasonable way and for - messages in …. Laws have to share on social, proceeding from Council of Citizens and strategic proceeding from the representative power. Here therefore Citizens also should create the Legal Power in constituencies for the STATEMENT of the rights. These are consultations of inhabitants of OMZh, drawing up applications, complaints and control of their execution. Free access of this service in participation of Legislative assemblies of the city, area, province, fe - deration. Importance of service of functions of the lawyer of OMZh is that it also will become the main force of feedback as here all offenses which will need to be solved by improvement the Performer will begin to be flown down - ache the power and Laws. Changing Laws, Executive system so that it pushed out those who do not wish, are not able and prevent to work normally all hierarchy of control systems of the power. When begin sob - to ratsya in these services of the offer, statement, complaint, against all districts the picture of many of a nedor - a legislation botok which should be corrected to exclude intensity in society will open. And in these services all this is reasonable having rethought, then to issue applications of explanatory notes on lacking yours - the ny bills leading to perfection of a law and order in the district, the city, the area, the province and all country if to arrange such services in authorities. These bills move in the Constitutional Supervision where their dorab - is tyvat, being coordinated with the main document of the country the Constitution. In OMZh it is easily possible to organize an anti-advertizing of harmful, dangerous production and protection of the rights of the consumer - that promotes health protection of all people.
3. Health service of OMZh. Explanations on a wide range of medical questions, consultations and the help of the psychologist, the direction on treatment and providing with the monetary certificate, control of medical process.
4. Law-enforcement service OMZh: Policeman of OMZh. Personal employment of security guards, on the basis of the standard contract - to reduce all these posts in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. Round-the-clock protection of OMZh, responsibility for a law and order and territory of OMZh: entrances, sidewalks, squares … The organization of the admission of the construction enterprises to it is repair - to construction works in the territory of OMZh, to make supervision of safety of inhabitants around especially dangerous works.
5. Culturally - the OMZh information service: A press - the center. It is work of the independent correspondent from influence of rich persons, any imperious persons at whom hands itch to impose to society mercantile opinion. by
Electing these Heads, inhabitants of OMZh will show the interest and activity in each corner of the country.
I are not necessary everyones rakhitno - parasitic offices - bloodsuckers of type: ZhEK - and, management companies and … other grabbers - they try to snatch more to themselves, than to make soundly. And it is almost impossible to control them!

It is only one part put: self-regulation of the power down, and it is necessary to create and across.

In centuries unresolved questions in eternal dialogue of chelovek sound: “What to do how to do and where to direct the feet?“ … each of us irrespective of what he races, nationalities, religions and in what country lives, undoubtedly sincerely wishes himself, the family, the people and people of all planet Earth of the most important: mutual understandings, consent, commonwealth, consolidation... So why this question hanged in air, and - as does not decide desirably in our real life, and everything occurs absolutely on the contrary! The answer is quite simple. It is necessary to begin consolidation, a consent … not between the nations, the people, religions, in lots, a kla - us, the countries - this way is not right, and is not achievable at all!!! In the society of each country there is a core of two Sources and the balance of such relations is necessary: freedom of the man is limited to freedom of the woman, and freedom of the woman comes to an end in freedom of the man. This will create conditions of Culture of the Right of women`s society and Culture of the Right of men`s society. And after that clarity of the following business how it is necessary to build the third conditions will open: Culture of the Right of all society, proceeding from the created conditions of the first two. Quite so it is possible to construct effectively legal space of the social circle of people in a consent both for women, and for men.
is more reasonable to establish the Power of Parity in the Organization of Management of Community of the world of people on the planet Earth!

Parity structure of Legislative Assemblies of all levels of each country.
Consists of the equal number of leaders from conditions of parity of community of people of Earth: 50% of female places + 50% of man`s places. Female leaders choose the chairman, and the man, - the. One month ve - is put Legislative assembly the female chairman - the speaker, and man`s, - replaces. At domination zhensko - go a source in Legislative assembly the questions given only from the women`s party are considered, and in - baht both parties participate. Next month speakers are interchanged the position, in this case consider - sya only man`s questions, and “illuminate“ them from two parties. It will bring up in loyalty of interaction of Forces of two different outlooks and views in the tendency of interest in life and will create conditions to consolidation, a consent and a spiritual unification in the world of women and men. Two existing constituencies unite in one, with delegation of two places: one female, other man`s. Each voter, it is not dependent on a floor, votes both for female, and for man`s leaders in each district, the province, the country and around the world people.

Taktiko - the Strategic Power - planning a way of development of community of the world of people.
the President of the country (the woman, or the man) - his office consists of two services: seven places of female leaders and seven places of man`s leaders. Witz - the president of the country (woman) - female leaders: twelve places. Witz - the president of the country (man) - man`s leaders: twelve places. Posts of Presidents elective and they then, personally everyone, form the offices. Interaction of two different, but Equally Great Forces female and the husband - sky leaders in all spheres of the power sonastroit most of persons in relationship of a consent on ur - not the creative union. Let`s remember, the charges of the same name make a start, and heteronymic - are attracted! Only after such structure of all power strategy of development of the world of people will cardinally change and the world will come, flogging - dock, wellbeing, pleasure of life in each family, the house, the nation, the people, the country, generally, on all planet Earth.

Executive power of Professionals - Council of ministers.
the Government is selected from only any high professionals ready to serve in honor devotion to a debt and business of spirit of life of society. To eliminate on a root of the corrupt officials, bureaucrats, clumsies and any evil spirits yearning for corruption power of the bribe-taker corrupting society with the acts, making multiple copies parasites.

Power of Parity of Legislative Assemblies of development of the international relations.
Is clear that the existing system of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs is not capable to solve modern problems of people of the world. On the terms of the Power of Parity systems of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and all mezhdunarod - the ny organizations dealing with problems of the world of people are under construction. The power of Parity will create absolutely other quality in lyu - by the relations between the countries and diplomacy in the world of people! Really the woman - mother will begin to vote for howl - well?! In the equal relations of coauthorship of forces of female and man`s leaders to create the International Body For - konodatel of regulations. And in compromise conditions of a look of women and men normal and effective legal relations between the countries, not the admission will be solvedthe ayushchy conflicts, crises, terrorism, wars …

the Organization of the power responding to each reasonable offer from any party and immediately introducing it in our everyday life will begin to create the effective growth of quality of an essence of perfection of management of social processes in real time here and now. And it will promote dynamic development of society - habitats of women and men. And in such social environment the bigger number of the persons capable to see new quality of perfection of the organization of the environment will be born. The superior quality to a social sra - dy gives rise to even more talents, and these wise men will create more perfect quality of the organization of the environment. And so a wave behind a wave to a harmony of the social environment promoting the wide range of the choice of the person in development of the of infinitely abilities unrealized still created just like God.

When this material was read by the elderly teacher, she told: “It is necessary to explain urgently meticulously this essence to young cocky minds - school students and students. They without a break communicate days on the Internet, and very much - stro will notify the whole world of people this reasonable idea, useful to society. Also leaders of this movement will be shown“.
Brain Internet: By word of mouth, from Reason to Reason …, and in the critical mass of the sensible people understanding an essence of this business the Uniform Force of the movement on establishment of the Great Holiday on all planet Earth will be shown.

If this message is interesting to you, then invite to conversation of the friends, colleagues and just good acquaintances …
Discuss this concept with friends, state it at the look, and in real-life communication extend in places of the accommodation. Pay special attention to the school students and students studying the legal right!!!
The more people will know this news, the UNIFORM FORCE of THIS MOVEMENT will be shown quicker …