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Whether it is worth using standard video - the editor? Windows Movie Maker

When on the computer of the ordinary user collects a large number of the various video record, there is quite certain desire (especially considering existence of the Internet and a set of social networks in it) to share it with as it is possible a large number of people.

The house video record like shootings of holidays, campaigns and other actions quietly gives all the best on the same video hosting of YouTube, some more special shootings can be used for creation of various video reviews, video blogs and to that similar the Internet - hobbies.

Anyway, the video record which has to be laid out in the Network often needs a certain work - if not corrections of flowers then in a scrap of unsuccessful fragments. Special programs for such work are video editors (programs - editors of video).

It agrees to one of definitions, the video editor - the program with a basic tool kit which allows the user to edit video files on the computer, and it is especially specified that video editors differ in the number of functions and components of the program.

It should be taken into account that programs - editors of video is presented quite a lot - having punched in the Internet - search engine the necessary inquiry, it is possible to find quietly a huge number of references to free versions of programs. But there is quite obvious question: and whether it is worth climbing in the Internet when necessary for video - the editor is literally “near at hand“? Of course, it is the standard Movie Maker Windows program .

It is a pity that now many people neglect it. The users possessing a certain experience during the work with the computer often wrinkle a nose, expressing thereby thought “we are experienced users, we also will use semi-professional programs“. Beginners trust in the Internet and download some other programs which were advised at one of forums. That is it is possible to tell that in any measure the Movie Maker video editor is not in demand (at the same time being very known).

What for an animal such, Movie Maker? As it was told above, this is the basic video editor with small opportunities: cutting of video, imposing of credits, imposing of a sound and effects, coding of the turned-out video. The interface of the program is rather standard: on a minimum it is possible to bring working area and a scale of a storyboard out of all interface. Work is conducted in logical sequence: creation of the project - addition of multimedia (audio / video / photo) on working area - editing, imposing of effects and credits - saving the project.

On the Internet the huge number of articles - the self-instruction manuals telling both about all functions of this program, and about work with it is connected with work in Movie Maker. Often in the same place the list of merits of this program is provided (like usability), but practically nothing is told about shortcomings, and they exist!

Main a shortcoming , of course, is that in Movie Maker it is rather difficult to work with the volume projects which are going beyond “for house use“ - as well as the most part of production of Microsoft, video - the editor often strongly is buggy and takes off therefore it is necessary to keep the project rather often and to be ready to the fact that long work could be done to no purpose. Users allocate with the second shortcoming long time of saving the final version of the turned-out video, it can borrow very and very long time for which the user will be able to drink ten times to tea and in general to doubt that the program works normally.

Summing up the result, it is necessary to answer a question whether it is worth using the considered video - the editor? It can be recommended to beginners for studying and to those who carry out the elementary operations. The same who is ready for more serious work should aim at video - editors of higher level.