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Mismatches are made... in heaven?

the reproduction of a picture of Vasily Pukirev “Mismatch“ written in 1862 caught sight to me Recently. In a picture the scene of wedding of the old man and absolutely young beauty is represented...

Girls are looked down down, but pallor of the person, some hopelessness in all its figure - all this prompts, all events are how heavy for it. It is clear, that against the will there is it in marriage for this old libertine.

There passed 150 years. In marriage it is possible to marry anyone, even the same-sex fellow. A consent of parents to marriage seldom who asks, present with a fait accompli more often. And mismatches were not reduced. However, the modern bride who marries the man who is suiting her for grandfathers does not look unfortunate. For many girls to marry the man of means became a main goal in life. They are not interested in its past, its moral principles, age. Important only one - its money. The more money, the man is more attractive.

Such marriages are, as a rule, short-lived. Youth and beauty of the young wife which excite blood at the beginning become a usual thing. The husband wants communication, care and attention. And what the unripe personality who in this life achieved nothing can give it? What common interests can connect them? Between them a distance of the huge size - both age, and personal. The conflict of interests begins.

Youth prevails: the young wife does not accept a role of the housewife, she wants entertainments - life with money offers so many opportunities. And the man at the age of everything already tried; he wants homeliness and rest. He prefers to have supper at home and a bit earlier to go to bed. Disagreements lead to disputes, and then and to divorce. Both the jealousy of the old husband, and his sudden illness, and ruin can become a reason for divorce.

Such marriage does not maintain any difficulties. It is constructed not on feelings, and on mercenary interests of partners. As soon as interests cease to coincide, couples break up.

Divorce of these couples - the real battlefield. Sharing of property begins. About 10 years ago young wives easily managed to gather the old husbands. Now, the taught on examples of predecessors, aged husbands think over options of possible divorce in advance: conclude marriage contracts, make wills not in favor of the young wife. If there are joint children, then they usually become a blackmail subject. The husband most often by means of money deprives mother of the parental rights. Divorce of such couples becomes a scandalous subject of publicity. How many we such examples … know

Of course, a personal record of everyone with whom to cast in the lot. Presently, when money becomes a criterion of everything, and especially values of the human person, are danger that the love match will become obsolete. And any union between the man and the woman assumes the birth of children. What children will be born if their parents are connected only by self-interest? The child conceived without love will not be capable to love.

Reflect, dear men whether it is worth connecting the life with young, let and a beautiful creature, foreknowing, than all this will come to an end?