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How to make “house graffiti“?

of the Word, of course, can wound and kill, and to Kiev to bring, but it is the best of all at them it turns out... to decorate an interior! Each of us has favourite quote, an aphorism, lines from the poem, the motto or the statement... So why not to behold these the wise and installing optimism words on a wall or a door of your room every day?

Current designers claim that it cool! And very stylishly! And it is very simple!

Inscriptions and letters in your room can settle down anywhere - though on a ceiling.

They can be not only poetic, comic, exchange or motivating, but also... practical!

We will tell how to you a paltry idea to decorate a wall over your desktop sophisticated formulas or words in English (German, French...) ? Both stylish decor of an interior, and necessary “things“ always near at hand!

If you too worry and are upset from - for own appearance, then the phrase written by huge letters directly over a mirror can become best “psychotherapist“: “If I am such how everything, then who will be such how I?“

A the empty wall in kitchen quite can “shelter“ the recipe of favourite apple pie! Now you will definitely not forget it and will not lose.

However, letters and inscriptions in an interior at all not necessarily have to bear some semantic loading - they can act and independent an art - objects.

If you want to add to design of the room at once and the present, and magically - magical notes, and still some dream “to sell“, remember the magic force of simple words. Let`s tell, paint over a piece of a wall or plywood a monophonic background and write on it the only thing, but the word, very significant and important for you, large letters. Choose the word on the linguistic taste.

For example, HIP - HOP, GOTIKA (if you do not think without them of life), ROME (if you dream to get there), HAPPINESS, GOOD LUCK, LYUBOV (if you wish to attract them...) Want to add an intrigue - rummage in dictionaries or the Internet and write a proper word in some scary exotic language! Chinese, by the way, “suffer“ from such design features not one thousand years. They long since hang out “happy“ hieroglyphs on special plates on foregrounds in the house. Also wait when written “itself pritopat and will come true“.

If you have a beautiful calligraphical handwriting, it is possible and just to write the pleasant phrases a resistant marker, acrylic or oil paints directly on wall-paper or a door. But there is a risk to spoil an idea, and together with it and a wall. It is much simpler to apply paint by means of a self-made cliche. Or to cut out by means of the same cliche of a letter from a self-adhesive film or dense paper.

How to make a cliche? Type into the computer and unpack on sheets of paper capital letters of the pleasant font from a text editor of Word, paste listing on a cardboard and cut out each letter on a contour an edge or a stationery knife. The mold is ready! Apply to a film - self-bonding (color paper) and cut out. Or apply to a wall and paint over a cliche paint by means of a sponge.

It is so possible to change easily and quickly any room.