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How to struggle with itself?

How many people - are so much characters. Each person is individual, everyone has abilities and the principles. In the modern world it became much more important to have in itself those special lines which would distinguish us from simple citizens in crowd.

However sometimes we should face misunderstanding and condemnation, and all for the same reason - our individual character.

Some manners are beyond reasonable. Togo “reasonable“ in which people feel comfortable. Agree, we are attracted by benevolent and ingenuous persons, a little creative and moderately serious.

To change the attitude of the others towards itself, it is necessary to make some efforts and to learn to live in harmony with world around to suppress in itself negative qualities.

1. Irritability

about it exists a set of methods. It is possible to be engaged in the whole complex therapy or to swallow of a miracle - tablets, but the elementary psychological exercises will help to help to a large extent. Many professionals advise at “rough splash“ to do mental arithmetic from 1 to 10. Excellent method, only not always effective.

I offer other option - in mind to try to solve any difficult example which will come to mind. For example, 238 + 447. Having hooked for this thought, you will forget about the problems soon.

If irritability lasts long time and if for this purpose there is a reason, there is other option. It is necessary to sit down to one in the room where it is convenient to you, to close eyes and to begin to pronounce aloud everything that causes in you negative emotions.

For example: “Olya constantly to me clings, constantly criticizes me. Yesterday …“ The Most important - to start this history over again and again, yet you will not feel some changes - either to you it will become quiet, or you will burst out laughing etc.

2. Tearfulness

Very unpleasant feature of the person, besides very annoying. It is necessary to get rid of it many months.

If tearfulness came impulsively, for example - you someone offended or in buffet your favourite rolls ended, try to distract, only in a little other form, more optimistical. Itself can turn on the favourite music, to draw the dream on a leaf, to mentally make a bouquet of favourite flowers if someone stands nearby and you do not want to seem strange.

To get rid of this sweet feeling of a grief forever, it is necessary to train often - to look dramas and to try to constrain itself, to read novels, and also to calm any other crybaby who will come to hand. It will allow to assess a situation from outside.

3. Modesty and constraint

Modesty not bad quality, it allows to behave within. But sometimes this line goes to the person to the detriment, for example - at important meetings, at employment when it is necessary to show all the abilities, and you only nod and lovely smile.

If already in half an hour you need to play Hamlet, then an exit is. Behind the scenes, and it is better at all cast, begin to show off and to move much. Only it is not necessary to change. Be just run by circle, sit down few times, sing some song. This method very strongly weakens. Having stepped on the stage, hopeless you will not feel it.

If shyness found you on appointment, then take in a hand some subject - a saltcellar, a napkin, the handle. It calms at stressful situations.

Anyway, here not to do without trainings. Therefore at each opportunity show the initiative to step on the stage or to make the report.

4. Egoism

All of us are a little bit egoists - it is so possible to be repaid, but in such a way to get rid of a problem it will not turn out. If you were called at least once the egoist, then believe - so it and is.

It is the most difficult to fight against egoism as the egoist is so selfish that no councils from other egoists are necessary for it and the egoist not so badly is to it. But if people suddenly ceased to ask you for the help and to tell the intimate secrets, so it is necessary to change something in itself.

An exit very simple - it is necessary to begin to look after someone: to get to itself small fishes, a cat or to begin to help the younger brother on lessons. Thus, you join mutual support again and learn to understand others.

It is not the complete list of all negative qualities of which it is necessary to get rid. But it is necessary to understand that to be a negative character does not mean yet to be an authority. To learn to get on with others, it is necessary to change itself and to change the character. Then you can demand the same and from others.