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Can you tell beautiful toasts?

the Russian people Love holidays! And every holiday is a feast. In days of old people gathered together to have fun: to communicate, songs to sing, dance. Happened, and will fight, but all this somehow in Russian, with all the heart. Times changed. Holidays became even more, but here trouble - we forgot culture of a feast.

Yes, holiday tables burst with snack, in strong drinks there is no shortcoming, but the main thing - fun left. Guests eat much, drink even more, the most favourite toasts now: “Well, let`s drink!“, “We will shudder“, “Went!“ Leave from - for a table to smoke or, at best, to dance.

It became fashionable to invite the host for big money. He, of course, works them by the sweat of the brow as can, bothers guests and, it seems, creates the cheerful atmosphere. But this fun by request, purely external, not going from soul. Sometimes invited the host so is fond of a holiday part of the host that does not give to guests and the word to tell: everything has to go according to its scenario. It seems to me that at the organization of a feast it is better to manage by own efforts, to try to find “the phrasemonger and the joker“ among guests.

What feast without good toast? Now with it there are no problems: it is possible to find toasts on any case in the Internet. But there are certain rules of pronouncing toasts to which it is necessary to adhere during a feast.

The first toast always for the main occasion: if it is the birthday man, then in his honor warm words sound; if festive date then to make digression to history of this event.

The second toast for parents if we celebrate the hero of the anniversary; for those who not with us; or about life. Well, for example: “All our mortal life - the road, and not the so smooth highway. More likely, it is similar on country with its potholes, ditches and ruts. We can get stuck, fall and be soiled. But, rising, we go further because ahead the purpose. Everyone has it the. For one it “the son, the house and a tree“, for another - to become rich and well-known, and for the third - to learn itself. Let`s drink for that each of us achieved the main goal!“ I Have

and a favourite toast, always the third. Before it all I ask to take a glass in the left hand so that the little finger was under a bottom, a thumb from above, and the others are hidden in a palm. It sounds so: “There are three inclinations - souls, reason and a body. The inclination of souls generates friendship, reason - respect, bodies - desire. And only the combination of three inclinations generates love“. I pay attention of guests to the left hand further and I continue: “The man has to be one finger higher than the woman (the thumb symbolizes the man, a little finger - the woman), then there is a respect“. Business, of course, not in growth. I mean man`s advantages in every sense. Further: “If the woman is stronger than the man, then he is a slave, she is a madam, such union is painful for both. When the woman the slave in a family is the tragedy too. Also equality since there is a continuous race for power is impossible, and these are quarrels and scandals. And only when the man is one finger higher than the woman and there are three inclinations, hearts begin to knock in unison. For Lyubov!“ If you have

a corporate party, to pertinently pronounce the following words: “We, colleagues - first of all, collective which works on the general task - prosperity of our company. From as far as we will be amicable, correct and attentive with each other, also the result will depend. Let`s give a toast to friendship, to understanding and respect between us!“

All toasts which I offered, author`s. With pleasure I give you them, dear readers!