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“Hauda“. Why this gas gun for eyes is called “Obrezychem“?

A why travmatik call P1 “Naganychem“, and MR - 80 - 13T - “Makarychem“? Because P1 is a traumatic alteration of the revolver of the Revolver system. “Ìàêàðû÷“ - similarly. And “Obrezych“?

“A sawn-off shotgun - the atypical firearms produced by method of shortening of a trunk and a butt of the gun or a rifle“ . Source: Wikipedia.

Well, and “Hauda“, called in documents as “the gun double-barreled gas MR - 341 caliber 12x35, with a possibility of firing by cartridges with a rubber bullet“, is a traumatic sawn-off shotgun of the double-barreled fowling smooth-bore piece, on appearance close to IZh - 43 KN. Such sawn round double-barreled gun with external cocks. Compact ruzhyetso it, 12 - go smooth-bore caliber.

Speak, the Izhevsk traumatic gun received the name “Hauda“ from the English large-caliber guns “Howdah“ (in translation - an elephant saddle) which initially were considered as the weapon for defense of hunters and military against big game at short distances. Tiger, for example... And today each owner of “Hauda“ can feel the Indian maharaja. At least not for long...

Still say that on - Karelian “Hauda“ means “grave“. Too in a subject.

So, “Hauda“. Taktiko - technical characteristics :

Weight - 2,1 kg.
Length - 490 mm.
Two trunks.
Average dulny energy of a bullet - 90 J.
the Bullet - spherical rubber (6,4 g), diameter - 21,5 mm.

Is issued as “in a tree“, and in “in plasticity“. Plastic “Hauda“ still call “Haud 2“.

For storage and transportation it is taken to two pieces as a usual double-barreled gun.

Boss of production “Tekhkrim“ 12õ35. 12 - y smooth-bore caliber. Sleeve metal 35 mm long. Other cartridges in caliber 12õ35 are not made. In any case, in Russia.

Your affairs, My God are wonderful... The very big gas gun to which there is no gas boss, only traumatic yet.

So, of action of the owner of this “gadget“ during attack :

1. To pull out this pistole from a holster (2. 1 kg, half-meter length).

2. To cock external cocks. Two pieces.

3. To switch a safety lock to the situation “Fire“.

4. To aim and shoot. If necessary to repeat a shot other trunk.

5. To open a sawn-off shotgun.

6. To pull out shot sleeves.

7. To insert new cartridges.

Further to begin with point 2.

As we see, to go off with a bang quickly, and especially to recharge the weapon after two shots, too it will not be possible. It is simple to break a new, undeveloped double-barreled gun enough - it is heavy and the ejector to throw out shot sleeves, at “Hauda“ is not present too. But here for a toy pistol role “wooden Hauda“ is ideally suited! Very much reminds the “sawn-off shotgun of the fowling piece“ which is regularly mentioned in criminal reports. And the person dragging with himself such “toy“ is obviously worthy respect.

The system of positioning of this “device“ in the market is interesting. “Menacing look, high power! In a word - the excellent watchman“, - real lines from advertizing article. Though some firms let out “covers for the hidden carrying“ for this purpose the traumatic gun, long such “pistole“ in the city is reserved will not drag. Therefore untwist “Obrezycha“ as means “for active self-defense and protection of property in the apartment, outdoors, in a country house and the car“. Generally, everywhere, where the big weight and dimensions (half-meter) are not critical.

The boss`s power same as in “WASP“ (PB - 4), by the modern Russian legislation of more powerful traumatic ammunition is not issued. The automatic safety lock does not allow to shoot at not locked block of trunks. On a cock and a trigger on each trunk, therefore, there is an opportunity to shoot “almost a doublet“. On self-defensive distances, to 10 m, shoots quite precisely. To apply a firm bullet or lead shot it will not turn out, special crescent “teeth“ in a trunk are for this purpose made, and here it is possible to recharge a shot sleeve though it is illegal.

In one Russian ormag you will not buy rubber bullets. Fans to do some shooting, on records in forums, collect shot rubber bullets. The price of one shot is too high, about 100 rub. There is a new boss so much. The design of “teeth“ for fastening of a trunk is changed to exclude an opportunity to put a trunk of the “real“, hunting double-barreled gun.

Quality of production, as well as other Russian traumatic gun, not at height. Trunks are not chromeplated. Everything that could be weakened is weakened.

The price in Russia from 16 to 20 thousand rubles. The price for which it is possible to take a full-fledged hunting double-barreled gun 12 - go caliber or, for example, the same TOZ - 106. New. By the sizes approximately same, as well as the Izhevsk “gas gun“. But here legally self-defensive opportunities are divided cardinally, at “Hauda“ they are higher much. In - the first, it is possible to carry the loaded weapon even in the city, to carry loaded in the car. At application for owners of the “real“ gladkostvol of lawful restrictions it is much more, than at owners of the traumatic gun. Especially within the settlement (Art. 6 of the Federal Law “About the Weapon“).

Conclusion. Presently, when it is difficult to frighten of the traumatic gun someone, “Hauda“, of course, will make necessary psychological influence and if it is necessary, will stop even the healthy man. However it is necessary to consider also negative sides of this “device“. And, as well as with any weapon, regular trainings need to be carried out surely.