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How to choose a computer chair? For long and fruitful work at the computer the convenient seat is important to provide

. It should not constrain at all your movements therefore has to possess the maximum mobility in all directions and, at the same time, should not be too unsteady. As to sit in it both it is necessary to the professional, and the fan many hours a day, it is necessary to choose a computer chair correctly.

We will begin passive comfort with the term. It is connected with quality of a computer chair, without its mechanisms and the regulating systems. It is possible to carry the following important elements on which convenience will depend to it:

• Existence of armrests which besides can be regulated on height and width. It allows to reduce significantly fatigue in cervical vertebras and shoulders.
• Thickenings of sitting and a back that promote uniform distribution of pressure of a chair to a body. These thickenings will allow you to reach the most comfortable position in a chair, to avoid sliding forward and will provide optimum support of a back in lumbar area.
• A reinforced bend which is located on a first line of sitting will help to eliminate undesirable pressure under knees and thus to facilitate blood circulation of legs.
• Existence of castors for standard coverings of a floor. The computer chairs having the certificate of safety of G5 are equipped with the self-braked castors. By the separate order the chair can be equipped with an emphasis and castors for hard coatings.

The active comfort is important for a right choice of a computer chair. This term is connected with various mechanisms and the regulating systems which provide you with different functions. Here the most important of them:

• Usual adjustment. All rotating computer chairs are equipped with pneumatic adjustment of height of sitting. Besides, their back can be also regulated on height or an inclination to provide optimum support of a waist.
• Adjustment of depth of sitting. Separate models of computer chairs can have the mechanism which regulates sitting depth with the course in 50 or 70 mm that is especially important for the users having large build.
• The mechanism of continuous contact of a back of a chair with your back without change of provision of sitting. The chair back at the same time can be recorded in several provisions provided by chair model.
• The synchronous mechanism is the most ergonomic device which allows to change the provision of a back and sitting depending on your situation. The emphasis of a back can be regulated depending on the user`s weight. At the same time all provisions of a computer chair or only those which are provided by this model can be fixed. The back of a chair can be equipped with system of anti-return.
• The chair mechanism with the central axis providing a chair inclination forward and back. At the same time the emphasis of a back is regulated depending on the user`s weight.
• The chair mechanism with the displaced axis allows persons interested to plant the feet against a floor.

In general, all modern models of computer chairs have an opportunity to make adjustments on the sitting height, a back deviation corner, depth of sitting and height of a back.

As it is correct to choose a computer chair? The simplest - to sit down in it and to try all provided functions and adjustments. Here plastic armrests and a five-beam support with easily rotating castors, an opportunity will be important, without rising from a chair, to change its height and an inclination of a back. These adjustments have to be pleasant and easy. Only this way it is possible to accustom to arrange a chair under an own figure, and at all not on the contrary. Material of an upholstery of sitting and a back matters also. It can be genuine leather, special types of the “breathing“ furniture fabric or simple dense fabric.

A right choice of a computer chair - guarantee of preservation of your health and working capacity for many years.

Source: “Apartment as habitat“ www. kvartira - box. ru