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Sardines from ruffs, sprats from sebely - whether there can be it? The personal recipe of the approximate culinary specialist

Sometimes for memory it is useful to do “notches“ in the head. At the same time, certainly, to try to formulate briefly the main thing. Business here not in principle: perhaps will fit. Experience clearly demonstrates - is useful really. Once, in one of feasts, there was a dispute over an occasion a sprat and sardines. That there is fish that is not present. Why: “sardines from an ivasa herring“. To a consensus it was not succeeded to come.

The question hooked on me. On the Internet then also the hint was not. It was necessary to poshustrit seriously both on house, and on public book-depositories. From enough poor library materials to me all - was succeeded to draw a certain generalizing conclusion:

Sprats are a tinned smoked fish (mainly small sea: so more convenient for industrial production).

Sardines is a tinned sun-dried fish (again - mainly sea, but already larger). not to confuse

To the small fishes of the same name. However, for form`s sake, I can korotenko refresh an imeyushchuyusyainformation. Sprats (Sprattus) are “a genus of small sea fishes of family seldevy. 1 look - the European sprat lives in the Northern and Baltic seas. Its subspecies differing in the smaller sizes live in the Mediterranean and Black seas. Sprats occur also at coast of Australia, New Zealand“.

And kinds of sardines and that it is more. I believe, there is no need to take the place and attention their detailed description.

And still to me it is thought that for industrial preparation of sardines use just salty fish, the same herring of an ivasa. Only slightly dried.

Who and when thought up such ways of conservation, I will not begin to analyze here as I not am going to talk about that. I accept them as a certain reality. For achievement of desirable result such liberty is quite admissible. Even in strict sciences sometimes proofs are under construction on the basis of axioms. And me - that and to convince nobody, it is not necessary in anything. Then you will try and solve.

Of course, it is simpler to buy canned food in shop. No doubt. I personally so always also arrive. But somehow time my friend the fisherman caught the whole abyss of ruffs. Volunteers on global cleaning, naturally, were not found. And here to me my old researches and experiments were remembered. (Having drawn the above-noted conclusions, I naturally checked them in practice, but the changed vital circumstances interrupted process).

My offer to make of ruffs of canned food like sardines got a ready response. Of course, took place and an astonishment, and a doubt, but was decided to try. The catch was immediately shipped in a brine and through the put time interval is hung out in the place, specially allotted for the planned purposes.

Probably, yet nobody ever waited with such impatience when fish is dried. And here it came, this desired hour. From - for haste we made a small slip. But now it is precisely known how it is better not to do. Actually, I said at once that the pressure cooker is necessary. But to the audience was as in marriage, nevterpezh, and they unanimously demanded, “without postponing afar“, to use an electrooven.

Dried brushes densely put a ryadochok, backs up, in a chugunok, filled up with spices and filled in odorous (against my will) with sunflower oil. Covered and sent to the electric furnace exposed on the maximum temperature. Minutes through the 20th fragrant smell tickled noses. Even minutes through the 10th people assumed that the product is ready, and our dish was taken in this world. It, of course, it is advisable to extinguish still. Yes what there!

It was necessary to see this picture! My friends surrounded a vessel with the fish prepared in the new way a dense ring and nearly blew on it that it was quicker cooled. There was even a thought to offer the refrigerator for approach of the moment of removal of test of self-made canned food. At last, expectations were rewarded by uncontrollable gluttony. Even about the planned first toast forgot. Vodka was then.

Fir-trees differently. Someone separated a skin with scales. It becomes easily and simply. Others neglected this process that, by the way, did not entail undesirable consequences. Taste was tremendous. At the same time all unanimously agreed that oil is better - to take refined. And as dried ruffs still were available, the hostess right there ran to the neigbour behind a pressure cooker. The matter is that in a pressure cooker process of necessary heat treatment happens quicker, and from here and quality of a product is higher.

House sprats prepare similarly. Only the smoked small fish undertakes. In 80 - e years of the last century in shop still there was a normal smoked capelin. Sprats from it turned out amazing. However, if not to be lazy and most to smoke sebelya or other verkhovodka, then canned food turns out is not worse at all. There are, certainly, some features which are learned gradually. Let`s tell, from a gudgeon though he and small, better sardines turn out. From okunk too. And here the small fry is good and so, and syak.

I want to tell a couple of words concerning smoking. Lately I both have heard plenty, and read about diverse ways of “smoking“ of fish. What is only not adapted for simplification, and even by process substitutions! Here both onions peel, and carrots, and tea, and roasting, and spices, and liquid smoke. And still we are surprised and indignant how in supermarkets make a fool of us.

It is time to sum up. What is necessary:
Pressure cooker.
Sun-dried or smoked fish.
Refined sunflower oil.
From spices I recommend bay leaf and pepper a sweet pea.
If necessary salt.
Fans can add vinegar and other other.

If there was an opportunity to prepare sardines from large sun-dried fish, then it should be cut on pieces, as in usual canned food.

Actually preparation is identical both for a sprat, and to sardines. Fish keeps within a pressure cooker backs up as it is possible more densely, in one row. Spices are added, everything is filled in with oil, as they say, “that covered“. 10 - 15 minutes on fire - canned food are ready.

As the culinary specialist I approximate, and recipes at me approximate. Want - use, want - no!