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How it is correct to carry out love fortune-telling?

“Time in an Epiphany evening, girls guessed...“

there took place the holiday of the Epiphany Quite recently and these days the period of Christmas Fortune-telling comes to the end.

I of course, for us, Young ladies, are most actual - love fortune-telling :) Loves - does not love, will kiss, will press to heart …? Whether there will be happiness? Who is he is my promised? When everything happens - whether this year? And if there is Darling - whether to be to a wedding? I chose three most effective fortune-telling sessions convenient performed by.

One can guess as, and to invite girlfriends!

I personally used all this fortune-telling (also by guessing with the melted wax, the Mirror corridor, both a pendulum, and “well“ - if it is interesting, I will describe also them).
Love guessing
“ On the groom“ Guessing this ancient. Also it was carried out in Russia during all Christmas-tide - since Christmas to a baptism (and sometimes and in usual days). This guessing gives the chance to learn what will be the groom on character, views and idea of life.

What is required to us?

Four playing cards from a usual pack (sometimes recommend - not igranny, new cards) - Kings.

What to make:

To put before going to bed under a pillow. The groom will be one of kings in a dream.

Interpretation (who dreamed you during this love guessing):

The peak king - the man will be much more senior than you, with difficult, difficult, strong character.

The Krestovy king - the husband will be hardworking, diligent, it is possible - the official or the military.

The king of diamonds - the dream foretells you the young, rich husband and successful strong marriage.

The red king will dream - your darling with whom you are already familiar and you feel affection will become the husband.

Treasured desire (love guessing on a marriage)

What is required to us?



Deep bowl

Objects: a ring, a match, a bead, a pin, a needle and a piece of a wire (about 5 cm) of

What to make: to put all objects in a bowl and to fill up with millet that all objects were hidden. Close eyes and twist a bowl in different directions of

Remember the desire, speak it about yourself - and with closings with eyes get the first subject. It is the response to your inquiry.


A ring - by a fast betrothal or a wedding.

A bead - in your situation the look from outside is necessary, it is worth discussing with the uninterested person.

The match - is big probability that the wish (in such look) will not be fulfilled. Perhaps, it is worth reformulating, making desire “correct“.

The wire - is someone who envies, dismisses gossips about you.

The pin - to you can prevent the influential woman.

If during search of a subject in millet you pricked a pin, a wire or a needle - on the way of your desire there can be considerable obstacles.

A needle - your desire will come true! Affirmative answer.

Love guessing on a shadow

What is required to us?

Candle, sheet of paper and big fire-resistant dish.

What to make:

Crumple paper, put on a plate, set fire and wait until it burns down. Then turn off light in the room and bring the lit candle to a dish so that the burned-down paper cast a shadow on a wall. The dish and a candle can be turned under different corners, interpreting the shadows appearing on a wall, patterns and figures in relation to your situation.


In each of us there is such place which precisely knows “As it is correct that is necessary and as it to make“. Therefore to interpretation safely connect the imagination and figurative thinking. There are no accurate rules, the main information is based on your internal feelings: you like those images which you see on a wall or not whether they seem to you ominous or pleasant that they remind you etc. Here some examples of such interpretation of shadows:

The house shadow - promises a fast marriage, a family.

House ruins - a rupture of the relations with darling.

Shadows of church or a ring - to a fast wedding.

A hole - the unhappy image foretelling misfortunes and diseases.

The mountain - on the way at your happiness is a lot of obstacles.

Animals - foes and dangers.

The road - temporary separation: the long journey is necessary to you or your beloved.

A star - the Fate in all of you favors, catch a good luck instant!

We can make for ourselves a choice - to be engaged in such love guessing or to trust in providence, the main thing - to remember: No Future is written down finally yet, it is always possible to change something!