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How to make a royal dinner?

If you have free time, there is enough means and the desire to please the relatives and to be glad most, having turned a usual dinner into a festive feast, I bring to your attention the following recipes.

Preparation of these dishes will require unusual ingredients, it is a lot of time, but believe, the result is worth it.

We will begin our festive feast with original soup.

Soup from a garden radish tops of vegetable

the Most useful part of a garden radish is a tops of vegetable. In it the majority of nutrients and vitamins is concentrated. Being a product of low caloric content, the garden radish contains a large amount of protein, so promotes creation of cages of an organism. The mustard oils which are contained in it give antiseptic properties.

What is necessary:

- 200 g of a tops of vegetable of a garden radish;
- 150 g of potatoes;
- 200 ml of cream;
- 10 redisok;
- 2 bulbs;
- 2 stalks of leek;
- 2 carrots;
- 1 chicken;
- 1 kg of chicken wings;
- 20 pieces of black pepper - peas;
- 4 bay leaves;
- 100 g of bacon;
is 2 h l. caraway seeds.

How to prepare.

it is large to b to cut, put Vegetables in a pan with cold water, to add chicken and wings, to cook on slow fire 1 hour. To add salt, pepper, bay leaf. We take out chicken and wings, we cook broth we Fill in with boiled water a garden radish tops of vegetable an hour

more, we fry bacon, then we take out from a frying pan, in the remained fat we fry potatoes.

We add it and a tops of vegetable of a garden radish to chicken broth, we season with caraway seeds.

To bring soup to boiling, to add cream.

We diminish fire to a minimum, we pour a radish and bacon.

the Veal craw with tomatoes, bacon and peas

This delicacy came to us from France, and translate it differently. “Ris de veau“ is an and veal craw, both zobny gland, and even sweet meat. What name you would not prefer, unusual and gentle taste will not spoil it.

I advise behind its purchase to go to the meat market where an offal including delicious are on sale much.

What is necessary:

- 500 g of a veal craw;
- 100 ml of cream;
- 4 tomatoes;
- 100 g of peas;
- 15 g of bacon;
- flour;
- 1 tablespoon of capers.

How to prepare. to Fill in a craw with boiled water, to leave for 3 minutes, to clear of a film and to cook to a softening. To cut on 8 pieces, to rub with mustard, to salt, pepper. To roll in in flour and to roast on a frying pan for 3 minutes from each party.

To boil peas, to roast bacon.

To cut tomatoes in half, to lay out on them peas, bacon.

To add a fried craw and to decorate a dish with capers. Krustada`s

with caviar of a salmon in caramel

These flour products which we know since the childhood as a small basket came to us from far Australia. They are not really simple in preparation therefore they are not too widespread. But try to prepare them at least once and you will understand what culinary pleasure was lost all this time.

What is necessary:

- 160 g of flour;
- 25 ml of beer;
- 200 ml of milk;
- 1 egg;
- 25 ml of vegetable oil;
- 400 g of caviar of a salmon;
- 1 plate of gelatin;
- 75 g of sugar;
- 250 g of cream;
- 50 ml of lemon juice;
is 1 h l. butter;
- mint leaves;
is 1 h l. caraway seeds.

How to prepare. to Mix flour, beer, milk and egg in liquid dough, to leave for 20 minutes. To divide dough into 2 parts. To immerse a heated iron form for small baskets in capacity with the test, to lower in hot fan and to hold until dough gets light-a brown shade.

In cold water to dismiss gelatin within 10 minutes. To Karamelizirovat sugar and to cool this syrup. To add butter, gelatin and lemon juice. In the cooled-down weight we put caviar.

We fill with the received mix krustada, we strew with caraway seeds and we decorate with mint.

Despite exoticism of these recipes, they are quite feasible. Venture culinary experiment, you are waited by unforgettable impressions!