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Day of memory of Vysotsky of

on January 25 - it not only the Tatiana Day, but also birthday of Vladimir
Semenovich Vysotsky, most talented creator of verses and songs
of the civil importance, their inimitable execution, remarkable
of the actor at cinema and on a theatrical scene.
Everyone who has Internet access, having gathered “ Vladimir
Vysotsky. Wikipedia “ can read information on its creative
activity, on the last days of life and death of national pride
of Russia unfairly ignored by the authorities as during lifetime, and in days
of mourning. From Wikipedia:
“ Messages on Vladimir Vysotsky`s death [20] in the Soviet means
of mass information it was practically not printed (only two
messages in “Evening Moscow“ on death and date of civil funeral,
the small obituary in the Sovetskaya Kultura newspaper and, perhaps, already
after a funeral, article of memory of Vysotsky in “the Soviet Russia“ were published). Over
a window of theatrical cash desk hung out the modest announcement: “The actor Vladimir Vysotsky died“. I Remember
, this purposely indifferent relation of Power structures to
to the national favourite shook me not less, than his death to which
conducted an image of his life. My indignation of it poured out in a verse,
which arose as reaction to such relation.
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On the death of Vladimir Vysotsky Full, happy, deaf
To conscience groans, to an alarm of someone`s troubles,
did not hurry to Report

to the people,
That the singer died also the poet.

As the rocket which ripped up the sky,
Directed to the new worlds,
It burned, awakening conscience,
Each word appealing to us.

My God! To what it is courageous! To what it is reckless
Really it will escape, Devouring with
the power how fire?

Popularity made business.
Cry from the heart somewhere in a throat rattled.
Everything that in life bored,
left soul. He sang.

Sang with the sarcasm, clear text clear to
I for all people,
I considered to disappear inappropriate.
How many stated thoughts, ideas!

It left. And songs remained,
not afraid of death.
Well, children, Volodya we will remember. the Glass of vodka to edge pour

(c) Copyright: Ansha Dean, 2005
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