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Whether it is worth expostulating on a curve mirror of psychology if …?

found the certificate of the member of association of humanistic psychology issued to me twenty years ago in archives Recently. Then to the country the flow of unequal psychological information rushed. Just created psychological services appeared on short personnel rations.

Hastily faculties of psychology, advanced training courses and retrainings began to open.

Newly-baked psychologists whom snobs from psychology contemptuously called “nine-months“ hazardously rushed to schools “to educate“ the teachers who hopelessly lagged behind world science. Some quickly realized that to what, and began to ask humanistic psychologists about “weak places“ and “painful points“ of the pupils.

But the majority to psychologists then belonged, as to exotic creatures - something interesting, but unclear and, perhaps, dangerous. The bases for such relation were available as doubtful people continually came to educational institutions and the scientific organizations, were called NLP coaches, geshtaltterapevta, psychoanalysts, specialists in eriksonovsky hypnosis, the tranzaktny analysis and other. Many made impression of not quite healthy people. For considerable money they learned and trained people, quite often saying hello them the.

Participants of training emotionally tell each other about the injuring situations. In a circle the family and working conflicts are taken out. The group has to support actively “offended“ and condemn his “offenders“. When all verbal resources are settled, conducting with the words “Trample Down!“ throws the rope symbolizing the participant of the conflict unknown to us into a circle. More terrible show, than pack of the psychologists jumping on this rope with the faces distorted by pleasure I will not remember.

the Greatest interest in a “prestigious“ profession were shown by the young people needing psychological assistance. Perhaps, someone received it. But most of young people was forced to solve problems of clients with not worked problems unsuccessfully. The number of psychologists began to grow in a geometrical progression. This phenomenon is well familiar to breeders of dogs - as soon as breed becomes fashionable, uncontrollable cultivation which can end with degeneration begins. Mass stamping of experts who by definition have to be “piece goods“ along with other factors, led to devaluation of a profession.

Moscow, 21st century. The psychological public hangs out in a lobby scientifically - practical conference in the psychologist - pedagogical higher education institution. The colleague calls to the acquaintance: “Hello, Lev Semenovich!“ Studentochki scaredly whisper: “Vygotsky came! “ by

other category - people who made psychology the business is Not less dangerous, having brought the whole philosophical base reduced to one phrase under the material interest: “You will not pay - will not help!“

It is distinctly shown in extreme situations, similar to the tragedy “North - OST“ when hundreds of businessmen from psychology responded to a call for help. Even not that they tried to profit on foreign trouble - the loss caused by their nonprofessional actions to the people who lost the relatives or appeared on a hair from death not to measure business in dollars and euro.

The lady with the diploma with honors of a psikhfak of MSU on a telephone hotline. The woman close to suicide calls. When it becomes clear that it in five hundred meters from the psychological center, the telephone psychologist quickens and invites to come. If there are hundred dollars. Absence of psychological thinking, prevalence of material motivation, personal immaturity and low qualification of psychologists in combination with outdated psychodiagnostic tools and doubtful technicians does to

work of the practical psychologist not only useless, but also dangerous to clients. However, it concerns any profession which subject is the person - the pupil, the patient, the client …

the Outstanding Russian historian and the philosopher B. M. Kedrov (1903-1985) allocated to psychology the place in the center of a triangle which top is made by natural sciences, the bottom left corner - social sciences, the bottom right corner - philosophical sciences. Between natural and philosophical sciences the mathematics, between natural and social - technical science settled down. The psychology is connected with all three groups of sciences.

But for one hundred years to Kedrov the American scientist, the geologist in. Le - Comte (1823-1901) dealing with evolution issues expected approach of “a psikhozoysky era“ when from two parties of converting activity “processing of people by people“ it becomes more important, than “processing of the nature by people“.

Today results of these transformations accept irreversible character. And wine of psychology in it is no more, than wine of physics in nuclear bombings of the peace cities. Any knowledge is neutral until is at disposal of people with certain motives, the purposes and values.

Probably, the most used phrase today - “a human factor“. Medical and miscarriages of justice, corruption, technogenic accidents and accidents - it is guilty of everything, damned. And we - that all honest, hardworking, disinterested …

Or how?