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“Where you rush, a bird - the three“? Putin - the main brake of Russia
This slogan I would advise to adopt

to the campaign headquarters of the main contender for Presidency.
of the Logician is very simple. The small group of turncoats - the liberals receiving payment of the work in the American Embassy tries to disperse our bird - the three which is earlier peacefully chewing hay in the stable.
Having weaned in previous years from fast driving, Russia - the mother represented since the time of Gogol by this bird - the three, can gain indecent for itself modern speed and fall down in some next ditch.
I only Putin is capable now, having got on a coach box again, loudly and distinctly to tell: “To Tpr - at - at“ and, having pulled reins, to slow down the sledge flying to an abyss.
the Image of the coachman who does not drive horses because we “have no place to hurry more and nobody to love more“ very strong pre-election course.
Already all vehicles were involved in promotion of the Applicant. And “the Lada which became already well-known - the Guelder-rose“, and the plane of the Ministry of Emergency Situations from which water flew and below flowers grew, both an aqualung and a bike. And there is obviously not enough only Russian three in this track record. But, not flying kuda got with the eyes burning from fast run. And peacefully afraid on earlier trodden circle.
Truth in braking. What Russian does not love jogging. More haste less speed. Being in a hurry one can make people laugh. “Russia - to a tpr - an uu“ - as an antithesis Medvedev`s “Russia - forward“. “Bad messages are not terrible - we begin running on the spot“. “Driving away midges, the bay horse, the muzzle which leaned against the day nursery sleeps“. “Give me 12 more years of stability, and you do not learn Russia“! We it do not learn
as it is, but is fine. Let`s return to a pre-election image of the coachman. As the group Alice
“That coachman &ndash sang about it; the magician threw a whip and - where to it to get to?!
he Remembered Christ, having become stupid from snow-covered versts.
It, whipping horses, it could be warmed by it a little...
Well, and he in kindness felt sorry for them, both did not beat, and froze“.

It turns out from this song, as slow driving threatens with death to the coachman. Considering, of course, severe Russian climate. And to feel sorry for horses, only to spoil.

Of course, the clamps should be put. Who would argue. If in Russia not to put the clamp, then will be as on Sayano - Shushenskoy a few years ago. But, any mechanic knows that excessive crackdown leads to cutting of a carving. Then twist, twist, the result will not be.

For now. We brake and is twisted. We brake and is twisted. Here the closest plan of Putin for 12 years.

And who does not want slow and superreliable driving around allow to go out from sledge. And to thumb a lift. And the coachman, sitting in the coach box wiped to holes, sadly looking forward at the infinite snow plain, will touch very quietly the bird - the three and will start singing by the voice which got hoarse and sat down from a frost:

“As it is sad, foggy around,
Is sad, desolate my way,
A last seems a dream,
Wearies a sore breast“!