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How to fall in love with the body?

In talk (especially with women) quite often slip phrases it seems “Eh if legs were slightly longer or a breast slightly more...“ (is farther at choice - “There would be a husband“, “There would be a work“ etc.) .

Yes, it is familiar to all of us.

And I agree with clever: it is necessary to learn to accept itself, not to run behind others stereotypes. But how to do it? Poissledovala I am this question, and here that turned out.

In - the first, it is necessary to get acquainted with himself. As if ridiculously it sounded, but we not really well know the body, his requirements and desire. And it is quite possible to allocate a little bit to time every day in front of the mirror to look at itself attentively and to note features of own body. And for a start to learn to tell “features“, but not shortcomings. If you cannot fall in love with the body it what it is, just to its pouznavayta yet. This body is given us and it. It is possible to remember plastic surgery, of course. And it is possible to remember Barbara Streisand with her special nose, and a set of other examples. It is not what body at you, is important - as you in it feel.

Also it is possible not only to look attentively, but also to feel attentively. Observe yourself: in what time you want to eat - when all went to a lunch or on an hour later, or perhaps today there is no wish to have supper at all, but you speak to yourself it “is necessary“ and thrust (in a different way you will not call in any way) into yourself potato and chicken. And what you want to eat? Really habitual potato or today big portion of salad? Or small piece of fish? Or cake? Huge piece? Or three spoons will be enough for us, but we on a habit of the obedient child eat up everything that lies on a plate?

Psychologists and skilled nutritionists say that the attentive attitude towards the needs for food considerably simplifies process of reduction of an organism (and figures, of course) in an order. And, above all - if you learned to feel at what moment it is necessary to begin to eat and at what moment to stop what to eat and that is not present, your weight and a figure will not “walk“, they will always keep in the natural norm. We very in the same way approach food, a lot of everyone “is necessary“ here (especially when authoritative people speak …). But a human body - difficult piece and very individual. And it is much more important that at this concrete moment it is necessary for you.

And to a question whether it is necessary to remake something in itself - to take away hips, to tighten a belt etc. Here we have an experience, of course, good. We set the purpose (the picture of the sportswoman from the magazine), we develop the plan - a diet, a gym, massage and even the pool. Everything looks perfectly - we care for ourselves and we work for own health.

But what our body about it thinks? To it it is really comfortable in 90 - santimerovy hips? Or your natural circle after all of 100 cm, it is also not necessary to scoff at himself?

It is very important to be on friendly terms with a body - to listen to itself, to watch itself! Then the body will become the good friend (but a subject, not separate of you, which is molded on any template), then it will be ill, give more joy less.

And every time, looking at itself in a mirror, you will see the good friend who to anybody does not want to be compared, and with whom it is interesting to go on life, but not the witness of your mistakes, misses and defects...

Are on friendly terms with the body!