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How to choose restaurant with ethnic cuisine? The tale of Italy of

the Charm of the fairy tale is born not at once. It is not enough to be composed, it needs also to be told properly. To take the same Kolobok. Children perfectly know what there happened to the bakery product which got a false idea of itself goodness knows what. Following to a subject outline is desirable, but it is optional if only it was interesting.

Let Kolobok will meet anyone though knights of the Round Table astride brontosaurs in the wood. Let he will rescue from intrigues of the got hungry representatives of fauna of a midland not only himself, but also the princess with gold hair and the increased amorousness.

Let, at last, he, instead of banal return to the grandfather - babkina Penates, dashingly starts to stars, will find the suitable planet and, having built bakeries, will create kolobkovy race of the cruel, but nice, smelling of fresh fancy bread subjugators of the Universe.

Children are capable to forgive to the story-teller anything, except boredom.

Guests of restaurant are in many respects similar to the children listening to the fairy tale. Of course, they know a lot of things, even more - remember, and are precisely sure how has to be actually. But … all of them hope for a miracle. Suddenly the chef will think up something special? Suddenly the waiter will flash training and memory? Suddenly the usual dinner will turn into an enchanting spectacle, and an enchanting spectacle - into real magic?

I love solid idleness of expensive and luxurious restaurants, I love cheerful vanity of taverns, a cosiness and rest of small candy stores, and even the unbridled democratic character of sports bars where, on honor speaking, and is - that nothing - too I love. But recently I like to be in the cafe and restaurants offering to the guests national dishes more and more.

To take, for example, the Italian cuisine so lovely to heart of the Russian person. In any case Russian - around the world culinary traditions of inhabitants of the Apenninsky peninsula get an enthusiastic response among judges of sound food. And if someone else thinks that Italy on a dish is only paste and pizza, then it is time for you to visit good Italian restaurant.

However, paste and pizza, really, are the business card of the Italian hospitality. And at restaurant with the real ethnic cuisine will offer you at least fifteen types of pizza and not less than ten types of paste - for every taste and appetite.

Pizza, by the way, in the institution respecting itself, is cooked in the real wood furnace which is often taken out to the lunch hall - and then guests of restaurant can personally watch sacrament of its baking and the subsequent assembly. From this oven the surprising smell of the burning firewood and the baked test extends.

Classical “Margarita“, sharp “Pepperone“, refined and difficult “Kaprichioza“, the seafood pizzas united by the general name “Marinera“, the closed Kaltsone pizzas with various stuffings - under the range, offered at worthy restaurant, would subscribe even arrogant pros from the Neapolitan quarter Santa - Chiara.

As the main feature of good restaurant with ethnic cuisine it is possible to consider aspiration of its owners to a full reconstruction of traditional recipes and forms of giving of dishes. If the chef - the Italian or our compatriot who passed training in Italy it is obligatory for you will report about it: information on the institution website, a line in the menu, the diploma submitted in a visible place and so on. It to an institution big plus. It is almost a guarantee that inevitable new technologies here closely intertwine with classics in preparation of national dishes.

Karne of a pizzayol, konkilyon, pancetta, a salsichcha, kazerechch, vermichell, fetuchin, papardell, tagliatelle, bruschettas - sweet gastronomic music sound names of dishes of Italian cuisine. However the majority of “notes“ of this culinary oratorio demands “interpretation“ though, for example, with a lasagna and risotto the majority for a long time “on first-name terms“. In the decent place original names of dishes “translate from Russian into Russian“, quite in detail specifying a set of products and a way of their preparation. And the waiter has to be aware of that, for example, that tonnato is the simply baked pork in sauce. If the toiler of a tray puzzly shrugs shoulders and drearily the student employed recently and for small money shifts from one foot to the other, then, most likely, before you. If the owner saves on personnel, then, perhaps, it saves also on many other. It is an occasion to reflect - whether you missed with the choice of restaurant.

The desire as much as possible to observe traditions of culinary art is, as a rule, emphasized with nonconventional registration of restaurant.

Small, inexpensive cafes and restaurants often call “trattoriya“ - democratic, almost house institutions which purpose - to create for guests comfort and a cosiness, the friendly, disposing to communication atmosphere. You should not expect pronounced national color in their interior. Sometimes owners use folklore motives in registration, sometimes just fill space with lovely knickknacks, emphasizing, thus, certain “domesticity“. There it is possible to eat well and it is not really expensive, but, as a rule, does not differ in a variety of the menu.

The restaurateurs specializing in kitchen of this or that region of Italy, often and interiors “adjust“ to geography of dishes. Lovingly the reproduced Sicilian court yard, terraces in the Mediterranean spirit, Tuscan country houses, antique mythology of Sardinia - all this is extremely attractive. Only one minus - than “stilny“ restaurant, he is dearer to those.

Everywhere the opening pizzerias do not give in to the analysis. There everything depends on conscience of owners - can offer also absolutely decent dishes, and can give also the semi-finished product warmed in a microwave.

Anyway, but Italian cuisine is very popular with us - a surprising combination of a sytnost, usefulness and refinement of dishes can subdue any gourmet. The amazing sauces interesting to spice, unusual seasonings - and here the habitual dish played at you on a plate the present symphony of original taste!

Judges will agree that Italian cuisine does not happen much!