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Everything will be OK! And what? With humour - about life of

you can ask again me - and what will be good? Everything, I will answer, everything in the country will be good. Even weather if the house not to leave anywhere. If to leave, then of course - a hurricane, a tsunami, a sleet, a tornado, a smog, Shoygu and other horrors so it is better to stay at home until household gas destroyed everything.

Therefore it is better to sit on a landing of the first floor with the passport, the insurance certificate and near a bearing wall.

And so everything will be good. Though sometimes it seems that nothing good, except weather, will be any more. But on the other hand - and that bad? Yes, a situation unstable, and the situation heated. Yes, some countries do not love us, and some are afraid. Yes, elections took place, and the deposit remained. But what people in this deposit! I will not list, such surnames cannot be mentioned in feuilletons, it is possible to earn a knockout. On the TV already threaten supposedly we short will have a conversation. It is a pity only that there is no money, but this already personal.

But children are. Lovely, restless, run, play pranks, shout, glasses beat, use foul language and sing advertizing. And all at my entrance. So only weather pleases so far. I do not know, how on the street, and at an entrance, thanks to housing and communal services, chilly, pure and warm. There could be, of course, more purely, but at them, at housing and communal services, concepts about purity. Who was in Tajikistan, that will understand.

And out of an entrance what is created? Police officers are ferocious, sellers trade in overdue goods, motorists of pedestrians press, the public catering poisons, doctors cripple … No, better here, at an entrance to wait everything. It will become cold, it is possible to put on a coat if is, and to go where - nibud. On the second floor, for example, to rise and admire Moscow. However, are visible only some “Plaza“ and “MEGA“ with “Rio“, but, speak, about the Kremlin the park will appear soon. It as it is necessary to finish the power that it instead of shopping center began to plant trees! All this these, from Bolotnaya Square yes from Sakharov Avenue. The Muscovite - the pensioner living in a penthouse to China - the city will want now, to buy the wife a handbag of “Louis Vuitton“ - where to it to go? You will not go to GUM, there skate, Central Department Store for visitors, and instead of new shop of trees planted a large number. If only these trees there after March 4 remained … for the rest everything will be good

A. Moscow extends, soon by the subway it will be possible to go to Smolensk, for 28 rubles. And there both Bryansk nearby, and Voronezh. And if the Moscow officials to new territories do not go in, then … “Carefully, doors are closed, the following station the city Konotop“. Our brotherly gift to fraternal people. Though that I tell, they do not go by the subway. And on the place of the mayor I for officials would prepare the northern directions, up to Vorkuta. Let get used. Future president asked about landings recently. Trees were planted, now it is possible also people, in sense of officials. But also to Rublyovka to move them the idea quite good too. In - the first, it is necessary to move nobody, they and so all there. In - the second, they there, detached, will irritate nobody with the flashers. And in general - servants have to live separately from the people. Ideally, of course, the people - in Russia, and his servants - in the Komi Republic, but it absolutely from bright future.

For now already well it will also be even better. Perhaps the dear using foul language children, at last, in school will leave an entrance. How many there for them free circles and sections the Minister of Education pootkryvat! He and USE thought up that to expel corruption from schools, both paid lessons, and some open classrooms. There is no money for English and literature - go free of charge learn to cross stitch, in life it is useful. And if you are a genius on physics, but there is no money - there go. But any corruption. However, it is unclear from where so many gold medallists from mountains in MSU were found. And they cannot explain, at them with Russian badly …

I even about corruption - completely it can be destroyed only renaming, this is already other minister proved, internal affairs. The militia was renamed - corruption disappeared, he told. That is from it police officers do not demand bribes. It was necessary to rename judicial system, prosecutor`s office, health care, tax, firefighters, customs, construction sector, military registration and enlistment offices, auditors of everyones, housing and communal services, power engineering specialists, ecologists, passport offices … Or all - it is simpler to take

and entirely to rename the country? Perhaps then together with corruption and all other bad will disappear? Theft, rudeness, alcoholism, share taxis, dishonest officials and shawarma?

And at once it will become good.

Because worse there is already no place.

And if to rename the country into Rio - - Zhaneyro, then and weather will be adjusted. It will be possible to leave an entrance. However, it is unknown what with such name with corruption will be, but with soccer it will be good …