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How to learn to meditate?

you constantly exasperate the same thoughts, you are anxious on trifles, easily are angry, and later are sorry about the words? You should try meditation. The condition of detachment from the outside world and deep immersion in itself will help you to cope with fears, the notions of compulsion and negative emotions.

It is the best method of disposal of sufferings and illusions which was used by east wise men and practice modern yogas.

The person constantly is in a condition of a stress. Immersion in itself will help you to relax and understand what occurs in your soul. Meditation exerts beneficial influence on mentality and has no side effects. what to begin with

meditation with

That practice brought you benefit, first of all it is necessary to create a quiet situation. Make so that during meditation nobody distracted you, switch off phone and the computer. You do not hurry anywhere, otherwise at you it will not turn out to relax properly.

It is possible to meditate sitting, in a lotus pose, lying on a floor. The main thing - try to keep a back equal during practice. It is important that energy freely passed on your backbone. Those it is difficult for whom to sit long directly can lean on a wall or enclose pillows, and it is possible to lay down at all. When you lie, extremities have to be free raskinuta, hands are turned by palms for the best power exchange up.

Concentration on breath

the Basis of any meditation is breath. It has to be conscious, i.e. you will attentively watch how air gets into your lungs through nostrils and leaves back. Beginning practice of meditation it is necessary to learn to breathe “correctly“. Breath has to be deep, equal and quiet. You watch each breath and an exhalation. You can even keep them count. Gradually increase depth of breaths, detain air in lungs, and in a few minutes you will find out that tension leaves your body.

When you are concentrated on the feelings, it is difficult to you to think of something foreign. Paradox: while you are concentrated on the physical feelings, you are relaxed. Your body and consciousness have a rest. Begin to meditate for 10 - 15 minutes a day. The main thing that you did it regularly.

How to stop a stream of thoughts

the Purpose of this practice is “the mind stop“. The modern person is convinced that his mind is he. That is why it is difficult to us to understand and accept the fact that it is possible not to think of anything even during a short period. Of course, during meditation of thought will persistently remind of themselves, to creep in all cracks of your consciousness and to bombard your head. You should not fight with them or to try to get rid of them. The violence over itself to you will not help to seize practice.

Present that your consciousness is the sky, and your thoughts - clouds. Clouds float on a sky, but they do not disturb you, you just watch them and allow them to pass by.

You should not cling to the notions of compulsion or, on the contrary, to abuse yourself that you constantly distract from practice. Not to think in general of anything, you will need months, and even years. So if you managed to disconnect mind at least for several seconds, it is already huge victory!


the Vast majority of people as perception are visual learners. Therefore it is simpler to meditate on object or an image which you mentally represent on the internal screen. At the beginning of meditation draw a smooth surface of the lake in which the sky is reflected in imagination. Let your consciousness will become same quiet and motionless as this lake.

To get rid of negative experiences, it is possible to present that you inhale this or gold world, and you exhale a black smoke. And together with an exhalation you release all unpleasant emotions: offense, anger, unwillingness to forgive itself or others. As option, imagine that gold particles get into your body through the top of the head, and dark particles - through heels, and around a stomach they mix up.

To learn to detain the thoughts on some one object it is possible, having imagined any subject. It is good practice for beginners. For example, imagine on the internal screen apple in all details. Its color, taste, a smell, a branch, a leaflet on it. Try to keep a subject in the consciousness within 10 - 15 minutes. It will teach you to concentrate.

Make friends with the body

All unissued the person stresses accumulate in different parts of his organism. We often feel constraint in a back, clips in a neck and shoulders, muscles of hands and legs. The rage, anger and offense which we suppressed in ourselves lodged in our body. A fine way for removal of tension in muscles will be a meditation on a body. As well as any other practice it should be begun with deep and equal breath. Then take a view of all your body, feel it, observe its work.

Walk the attention along all body, since toes. Feel at first one finger, then - the second, third etc. Transfer attention to the heels, feet, calves, shins. Then repeat this practice with hands, a back and reach the head and hair. Detain attention in those places where you feel tension, constraint. To their “Prodyshita“, i.e. present how air enters and leaves in a stress congestion point.

The secret is that where there is our attention, at this moment there is our energy. Thus, you gradually will begin to be exempted from clips and tension in muscles. This practice will teach to listen to you and to hear the body, to understand his requirements.

Music and mantras

will help to be released by

from daily vanity the weakening music. At practicing meditation the Enigma group and it similar enjoys special love. Fans of sounds of the nature will suit disks with record of murmur of the forest, singing of birds, cracklings of a fire, a rustle of a rain, murmur of a stream or falls.

The advanced yogis during meditation often read mantras. They it is similar to prayers which are written in a classic language Sanskrit. Mantras help to attract love, to find health and wellbeing. One of the most known mantras - “Ohms“, it is necessary to repeat it not less than three times. Pronouncing mantras creates vibration in a body. It is obligatory to sing as it is done by professionals, i.e. not a throat, and passing a sound through lungs, a diaphragm and letting out it through a nose. This, so-called, “nasal singing“ widespread among many nationalities.

Harmony of a body and spirit

In several weeks of practice of meditation (provided that you will carry out it regularly) you will feel noticeable improvements both in physical, and in a state of mind. You will become quieter and attentive to yourself and people around. Art of relaxation will positively affect also your health. Headaches, constraint in muscles and joints will disappear, nervousness will be gone, alarms and fears will leave, the dream will improve.

Meditation will become the bridge between your consciousness and unconscious. With its help you learn to understand better yourself and the body, to release heavy experiences and to forgive both itself, and others. And the most important, you feel harmony and balance in thoughts and a body.