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What is an electric cultivator? Operating experience of

the Cultivator is the mechanical unit for processing of the soil (bezotvalny loosening) intended for sites of average size with not really solid soil and remarkably suitable for personal homestead economy.

Often cultivators are completed with different types of the additional equipment (an okuchnik, a kartofelekopalka, the mower, etc.) what considerably broadens area of their application.

Cultivators happen petrol and electric. Besides, they differ on the power, weight, depth of processing of the soil and width of capture of the processed surface.

I got an electric cultivator a few years ago, and it is already possible to sum up some results taking into account real experience of its operation. An electrocultivator of rather small size, it is very convenient to transport it in a car luggage carrier. I store in its winter houses, in the storeroom. Dirt, any from it, any smells - not that at units with the petrol engine! Mills and a wheel do not take a lot of place too, I store them at the dacha.

The seasonal dacha at me only 4 hundred parts therefore the amount of works on processing of the soil not really big and has seasonal nature. Brought a cultivator in the spring, processed all site, cleared the unit of dust and dirt - and again I take away home on storage. It is not necessary to do maintenance to the asynchronous electric motor of a cultivator any, only once in 2 - 3 years to grease the leading gear and a chain - and all!

Preparation for work takes only a few minutes, established mills and a wheel, connected a cable in the ordinary socket - and for work! To the processed site, and from place to place, it is convenient to move a cultivator on specially established castor.

There is enough power of a cultivator of 1,1 kW much, depth of processing of the soil is regulated to 25 - 30 cm, and it is more and it is not necessary, width of the processed strip - 35 or 65 cm. For cutting of rows and an earthing up there are in addition to mills special okuchnik in the form of the screw.

Once at the request of neighbors processed to them a site of the virgin, untilled land. The electrocultivator did not bring also here, though not so quickly as on the cultivated soil, but processed everything on conscience! That it was absolutely good, I plowed a site twice. On this place at once broke beds and in the fall already reaped a crop of excellent vegetables.

At myself at the dacha I processed an electrocultivator sites after garden wild strawberry, raspberry and currant. Just cut off everything at the roots and launched the unit. It in general without problems processed wild strawberry roots totally, and at raspberry and currant - crushed small backs and which grow larger - just threw out on a surface! On this place this year potatoes yielded a good harvest.

The soil processed by a cultivator strongly differs from that which I dig over a usual shovel or a pitchfork. It becomes more friable and well passes air to roots of plants. Especially it is noticeable on my ogorodik where the soil very heavy.

The electric cable of 50 meters is applied to an electrocultivator in a set. It is enough much that without problems to process any corner of my seasonal dacha. Besides, it turned out that it is very convenient to use this cable for pass - mowers of a grass which I mow clean a lawn near giving. I connect an electric chain saw and the pump for watering through it too.

Generally, I want to tell that from what party look at an electrocultivator - very convenient thing, especially if you have a site not really big.

Producers called this unit by the female name “Hope“, probably, hinting that all hard work at the dacha is undertaken by representatives of the fair sex! Perhaps it also is partly right, but without male hands the electrocultivator itself will not plow!