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What can happen to a body of the person after his death?

Of course, you can object me that nothing extraordinary can occur. Remains of the person usually place in a coffin and bury with honors. Or a body can cremate, and to bury a ballot box or in a wall, or to podkhoronit in a grave to relatives. And you will be right, but not absolutely …

the Friend of my grandfather, having learned that it is fatally sick, asked the wife to cremate him a body after death, and then to dispel ashes over the sea. He was an oceanologist, and all his life was connected with the sea. When he died, the wife strictly satisfied the husband`s request. Ordered the helicopter and dispelled the husband`s ashes over the Baltic Sea. Many relatives and acquaintances dissuaded her from this step, motivating it with the fact that not Christianly: there will be no mogilka where it is possible to bring flowers and to cry. But the woman too loved the husband to refuse to him the last request.

Death of love not a hindrance

Appears, many people who do not wish to leave the half even after death exist. For example, in the State of Arizona such history happened. After death of the wife Mr. Green declared that he does not wish to live without spouse and wants to have her houses, but not in a grave. The wife had good sense of humour, and the widower decided that she would be happy, having learned about his new project.

He ordered a hermetic glass coffin, placed the wife`s remains there, filled it with special substance to prevent decomposition of a corpse, and built from a glass coffin … a coffee table. The wife was always before eyes, and the ex-husband was happy!

One more strange story which occurred too in America. Mary`s husband suddenly died. Looking at the late partner in life, she understood that life for it lost any meaning. But having a little calmed down, she decided to keep the husband for herself forever in very original way. For a start she put a corpse in the freezer, and itself went to local library to study taxidermy elements (a way of production of effigies of animals).

In few weeks Mary decided that she learned all secrets, and began to act. In the cellar of the house she worked hard several days. At last, it`s done: the husband filled by sawdust, vyglyadelkak live. In the same place in the cellar she equipped the special room for the husband, having arranged with favourite furniture, on a little table the tube, a tabachok in a snuffbox and different trifles lay, and nearby in a chair the host sat.

Mary spent much time with “husband“, telling him about news and asking council. Of course, he did not answer it, but the woman was sure that he hears it and approves everything that it does. And what still it is necessary to it!

the Wedding after death

In Russia in age-old times existed such custom. During a funeral of young people who did not manage to marry “wedding“ of the dead was organized. The national belief said: if the dead did not find the couple during lifetime, then he will not be accepted “in the next world“, and his soul will wander restlessly.

That it did not occur, relatives put on on deceased a wedding dress, decorated with flowers and tapes a wedding tree, invited to a funeral of singers and musicians who sang wedding songs.

In Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia and Bulgaria there was a similar tradition: if the girl died, then her funeral was also her “wedding“ at the same time. Deceased dressed as the bride, young guys “groom“ who followed in wedding vestments a coffin was chosen from among. Was considered that the wedding ceremony is made also soul of newly married will find eternal rest in heaven. the Museum of dead persons

B 1997 the pathologist Gunter von Hagens invented

and patented a new way of preservation of corpses. He suggested to replace fat and liquids of a body with quickly hardening plastic. The plastination method allows to give to a corpse any pose. Gunter opened in himself also gift of the artist, working with absolutely new “art material“.

About 15 years von Hagens drives about on the world with the unusual exhibition “Worlds of a Body“ (“Body Worlds“). Exhibits - the corpses of people kept by a plastination method. They are presented at an exhibition or entirely, or in the dismembered look.

Some scientists claim that doctor von Hagens now the only person in the world which renewed ancient tradition - public opening of corpses in scientifically - the educational purposes. It is known that similar sessions for fans of natural sciences were regularly organized in Europe up to the end of the 19th century.

What the visitor at such exhibition can see? Very unusual exhibits. Let`s tell that this not a sight for the faint of heart. For example, “the equestrian`s sculpture“ represents the person without skin astride a horse without skin. To a look opens all internals and sinews of a kadavr, and he holds own brain in hand! One more of “exhibits“ sits behind a chessboard. The place is opposite free. He as if invites to play a chess set.

People ambiguously perceive Gunter von Hagens. Some call him new Frankenstein. Gunter dreams to create the permanent “Museum of the person“ where the big section devoted to human anatomy would be exhibited.

Cremation and municipal services

is required to

For cremation of the dead a large amount of energy. At the same time heat from the burning corpses departs to a pipe. In Western Europe practical people found the solution as it is possible to use favourably “warmly from the dead for the good of living“. They suggested to start up the gas emitted at combustion for heating of houses. For example, in the Swedish city of Helsinborge the crematorium “delivers“ 15% of heat to houses of citizens.

Diamonds from dead men

In some countries crematoriums offer relatives of the dead new service - production of diamond from ashes deceased. Ashes of the dead contain carbon. The manufacturing techniques of jewels from ashes are not especially difficult. Diamonds turn out is powerful approximately in one carat. The technology of this process is patented in many countries of the world including in Russia. For example, the cost of such service in the USA makes 30 thousand dollars.

One of the American jeweler companies specializes in creation of artificial diamonds from hair. One of the last orders which were taken to production by the company - production of an exclusive collection of diamonds from Michael Jackson`s hair!

After death the body of the person can be used at all not as we imagined it still.

It seems to me that it is better to follow traditions of our ancestors: paying the last respects to deceased, to commit his body to the ground and to leave on eternal rest in a grave.