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Breastfeeding - a remnant of the past or philosophy of the future?

Many women refuse feeding of the kid a breast today, claiming that modern artificial mixes can replace breast milk completely. Let`s try to understand whether correctly they arrive.

Breast milk is the best food which mother can provide to the child in the first months of his life. Women`s milk has the body temperature of mother. Contained in it is mute proteins, fats and carbohydrates are acquired much better, than contained in mixes. Feeding by a breast prevents very many chronic diseases in the future. Supporters of natural feeding hold such opinion.

Their opponents, in turn, claim as if present modern mixes are adapted so that, using them, the child in the same way will receive all necessary substances for the development. At the same time mother will not need to watch strictly the consumed food, to suffer from pain if on nipples cracks were formed or began stagnation of milk and in general to avoid all problems connected with breastfeeding.

However very few people know that the nature took care including of making feeding a breast useful not only for the child, but also for mother. Here only the major motivating factors capable to push the woman in the choice between natural and artificial feeding for the first:

1. Prevention of an endometritis. For those who do not know the endometritis is an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a uterus. Stimulation of the nervous terminations of a breast during feeding leads to the fact that the uterus is reduced to initial size much quicker, than it would occur without feeding, and reduces thereby risk of a disease.

2. Prevention of diabetes. during researches by experts it was revealed that when feeding the breast in an organism of women normalizes the level of sugar and glucose in blood.

3. Prevention of cancer. Scientists found out that at the women nursing the risk considerably decreases to develop a breast cancer in comparison with those who did not feed in general. Also the probability of cancer of ovaries and other reproductive organs decreases.

4. Restoration of weight. Women who nurse longer than 9 months seldom face problems of restoration of weight. Production of milk is an active metabolic process during which about 200-500 calories a day are spent, it helps young mother to lose naturally weight, burning excess fats. Mother who chose artificial feeding for the child needs to resort every day to serious additional physical activities in a gym within an hour at least to spend as much calories.

5. Removal of a stress. during feeding by a breast between mother and the kid the enormous emotional connection arises. When the small warm lump with the surprised eyes gives smacking kiss a mother`s breast, fatigue as a hand removes. Perhaps, the difference between two products (women`s milk and mix) is also insignificant, but as for the process, natural feeding has absolutely other nature, than food from a small bottle.

6. Profitability. Breast milk, besides all the advantages, is the also free power supply granted to the woman by the nature for feeding of its posterity. And the money saved on acquisition of mixes, small bottles, a heater for them and the other things connected with artificial feeding can be spent for visit of a massage office, beauty shop or purchase of a new dress.

7. Convenience. At chest feeding the woman, one may say, carries in herself “pass - plant“ on production of milk. It does not need to prepare every time mix, to warm up it up to the necessary temperature, to sterilize small bottles etc. Mother can carry the child with herself everywhere and without problems to feed him according to the first requirement.

But, despite all advantages of natural feeding, realities of the present are that that the woman should doubt the opportunities constantly. Nearly at every turn advertizing: “Drink ours a miracle - tea, and the lactation will return to you!“ or “Our mix is the best that you can give to the child! “ or “If you have cracks on nipples, buy our cream!“.

Here also natural process of feeding by a breast turns into continuous torture for the woman. It turns out so that at the first arisen difficulties to buy mix much more simply, than to try to adjust breastfeeding. And in fact the best way of a good lactation is an indisputable confidence of mother what she is capable to nurse and that it is the best and natural option both for the child, and for her.

It is necessary to hope that in the future women will not begin to consider themselves as the victims of feeding, and will fully enjoy health and pleasure which as it appears, are conceived by the nature in an award for maternal work.