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What to present to you, my very best, my very best?.

Winter - a time of numerous holidays. Otgulyav to the novogoyena - Christmas holiday, at the beginning of February we are going to wish all to us nice happy Valentine`s day, then a fine half of mankind begins hunting behind the best gifts for defenders of the Fatherland...

And a strong half at the beginning of March tensely remembers where near the place of their work flowers shops and cosmetics are located.

At the same time the age of podarkoprinimatel differs of half a year to pension. Ladies seek to endow with attention not only the men who served or doing military service but also low-age nephews as representatives of community of defenders in the future. Men in this case do not concede to them. So the race of purchases of gifts which opened in December does not stop till spring.

If ladies in this question are rather far-sighted, then only the small percent of man`s audience plans and buys gifts for March 8 in advance. The majority remembers the international Women`s Day only the night before. Therefore here both unattractive bushes of a mimosa, and standard chocolates are used.

In fact these holidays do not oblige us to invest millions in gift fund. Here the attention which can be expressed even in the knickknack but interesting and beautiful, that which will lighten mood or will force to smile is more important.

There is a simple instruction which will allow to choose an excellent gift by the Defender of the Fatherland Day or the International Women`s Day.

1. Be puzzled with a question of preparation of gifts already in advance.

2. Make “man`s“ and “female“ lists in the form of the table, having specified age, a hobby, interests.

3. Plan the budget. Determine the approximate sum which you rather freely have and which is ready to be spent with pleasure for gifts. Distribute this number according to the table, having checked that the total amount does not exceed planned.

4. Having paid special attention to the Hobby and Hobbies column. Estimate what gifts you can buy in a supermarket and what demand a visit of specialized shop - for example, shop of sale of a yarn for purchase of a gift to the grandmother, sale of chess for the father-in-law, shop of seeds for the young sister - the naturalist etc. of

5. Estimate the route of a campaign behind gifts. Perhaps, you will cope for couple of evenings on weekdays, but it is quite probable that it is necessary to spend the whole day off for this occupation. Many psychologists claim that purchase and donation of gifts brings not smaller, and at times and bigger pleasure, than their acceptance. Do not feel sorry for time for the sake of such positive emotions!

6. The best gift - what is created by the hands. Of course, we any more not children but to enclose as a gift a part of the soul and talent in needlework will allow to give your gift special, and it is possible also exclusive. Add to the route of a campaign behind gifts visit of shop of goods for scrapbooking. Buy packing paper, a color cardboard and couple of ribbons, and weeknight will not pass boringly. Cards and boxes of hand - made enjoy wide popularity recently.

Well and if you are the stately man who is not fond of needlework, ask to help you in this case the wife, mother, the sister or the daughter. Believe, you present them interesting occupation which, perhaps, will become their new hobby. But in this case their gifts have to be packed not less originally and not into a usual gift bag.

Following this simple instruction, you will spend evening on the eve of holidays creatively, but without pining in turn in shop in hope to manage to buy the last motley tie or a branch of a mimosa.