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You love cottage cheese pastries? By sight - lovely sight, on taste - an objedeniye!

Breakfasts have to be nourishing and are simple in preparation.
Such dish I often indulge the grandchildren. It is baked pudding at us under the name SPIDER LINE
one glass of sugar of
sand and five crude eggs Is gathered in a big bowl products half a kilogram of cottage cheese, 300 grams of vermicelli a spider line, 120 grams of dense sour cream, 100 grams of butter.
At first I boil pasta, I shift to a colander that water flew down.
to Bor of the small size a bowl, in it I connect eggs, cottage cheese, sour cream, the kindled butter and sugar. Well I mix in homogeneous mass. Then I add the
vermicelli to this weight and I mix. I grease with butter the
baking pan and I spread in it mix and within fifty minutes I bake in an oven at the 230th-degree temperature. Tasty, nourishingly and quickly.
for this purpose is necessary 250 grams of cottage cheese, three crude eggs, 200 grams of macaroni, a glass of sugar,
a salt pinch. We boil macaroni in the boiling podsolyonny water on slow
fire to readiness and we throw back also on a colander. With sugar we pound cottage cheese, we add
macaroni, we fill in with the shaken-up eggs, everything is well mixed and we level. We spread the received weight in the oiled form. I Bake
in the warmed oven up to the 180th-degree temperature that the ruddy crust was formed. We cut the cooled ready baked pudding pieces.
That in all families was a consent, the world, love, pleasure, a good health!
A behind a dining table - all bon appetit!

I try to bake always a useful and at the same time tasty product, but also on products
it is available and inexpensive. And this baked pudding will be to the taste to many children: I take
4 tablespoons of semolina, 350 grams of cottage cheese, three crude eggs, a half-glass of sugar, a half-glass of low-fat sour cream, 100 grams of the kindled butter, one bag of vanillin, a salt pinch.
Began works: in a cup I fill grain, I add sour cream and well I mix everything. I put aside this weight for half an hour. After time I add the cottage cheese pounded by sugar, oil, eggs, again carefully I stir. I oil a form, I pour out the received weight and I bake in an oven up to the 200th-degree temperature, till golden color. Tasty, quickly it is also useful!
Many children not really love cream of wheat, but it is simple to replace it with baked pudding. I offer the recipe: I take one glass of kefir, on a glass: torments, semolina, sugar. 100 grams of cottage cheese, one crude egg. 80 grams of the kindled margarine, any to taste of jam, a half of a tea spoon of soda and one bag of vanilla sugar. Preparation: in a small mask I spread kefir, one crude egg, semolina, sugar, cottage cheese and carefully I knead weight, I leave for two hours that the semolina well bulked up. Then I connect to flour, margarine, vanilla sugar, soda and I knead dough. I pour out Vymeshanny dough in the form oiled and I level a wooden rake up. In the warmed oven to 180 degrees of temperature baked pudding is baked within 30 minutes. I cut a finished product on two plost, I grease one of them with jam and I put together, we give time for impregnation. My grandsons are happy!