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But whether not to write me the letter you which alas, you will not read

Ya I know, nobody will read it and nobody will understand if he reads. For me this day is one of those days when there is a wish to sing, shout, stamp and jump with happiness, day when there is a wish to smile to each passerby when there is a wish to shake hands with the foe and to embrace the friend, day which I would like to live as the last...

We any more will never hold hands. Strong, that my palm completely lay in yours, and you held it so strongly as if they were stuck together glue. We any more will never rejoice to that fine decline to which we admired then, in the early fall, on the bank of the lake, we will not look at it and to feel feelings of happiness. Any more never you will kiss me as that day when we swore strongly - strongly, you went to other room and looked in one point. I approached you looked and began to cry... packed things and rushed to a door. You approached me and by the shivering voice told: “The little fool, you why so you do?! I love you! I love!“ and then embraced so strongly, so strong and just kissed, on lips, salty from tears. We long stood in the doorway, and then you devoted me the song... “If you want to remain“, and I so wanted to remain, not to go to this fucking city you are not in which I so wanted to remain a row and to stand so though eternity though all life. But I left again.

We any more will never laugh so as that day when we spent at home all day, and we ran from the room to the room from each other as small children. You any more me will not call “little girl“, foolish or just the darling, will not speak to the friends what I at you good what careful and ridiculous. It will not be. It is more.

There will be no all this and other any more that was with us. For these half a year with you I changed, I matured as do not mature in two years, I as the kid who grew up from diapers and already go legs. Here and you, brought up me as it is necessary as you want and released in adult, difficult piece - in life... in free floating. And I am grateful to you for it! For the fact that opened for me eyes on everything that occurs around removed from me these pink glasses, showed the reverse of the medal which is not so sweet as it seemed to me.

I loved you for everything! That you such of all correct, such reliable, for the fact that you are able to find and tell the correct words it is correct to think that you are not afraid of difficulties, are not afraid to tell the truth and are not able to lie! I thank you for the fact that you were with me that loved me that never and brought in anything, I thank for the fact that you appreciated me, respected that I treated me as to the child, the little, silly kid, suffered me from time to time, tried to please, I thank you for the fact that you were with me all this time, for the fact that presented me a part of happiness, heat and the love!

And tomorrow we have half a year of the relations. Those relations which we built all this time, though with appointments of times a week, and even in two. I long thought what to present to you, than to please you this day how to show the love how to present a part of to you, the dearest person.

I did not think up any original gift by this day, but I would like to carry out it so as if tomorrow the last and to us it is not fated any more will meet as if someone will put the huge end in the history of our relations, I want to carry out it so that every month equaled to two hours of this day... to rewind everything and to finish shooting anew. With a holiday, darling! With our holiday!