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Fighter “Professional“. Whether will be enough for all if each to their own?

Until the thoughtful British robust fellow Jason Statham continues to act in fighters, magnificent on heat, we will watch them. And it is unimportant what is told by critics. That supposedly Jason has only two looks - approvingly - gloomy and is embittered - gloomy. To whom are these interesting malignant gossip?

We - that know that today nobody manages to break so convincingly jaws any more and to press on a cock. While one nurse kids or flit in an image of the tooth fairy, others get simple, severe, but such honest glory of “the last filmstar“.

… The mercenary Danny very much wants to get stuck. It is easier to want, than to make, but Danny the rested small. And you will like to look back eternally, to live at work and, getting paid, every time to think, whether not the last it in this life? Danny dreams to return to the half-ruined shanty in Australia, to hill love of youth and to forget the past as a bad dream. But if the two first desires are also feasible, then with the third a permanent pressure. Do not give, locks of hair.

To entice the disturbing guy from a hole, his employers palm off on the next customer, the Arab sheikh at deaths door, his close friend Hunter. The old man Hunter, having tempted with a large jackpot, it is fallen into a trap, and now by Danny as the honest person, has to perform a dangerous task and save the companion from trouble. Giving up sluggish repair and the sweetheart, it rushes to Oman where it is waited by deadly mission for elimination of three members of spetsnaz of the British Air Force (SAS). The last made angry the sheikh the fact that during war killed his sons. Tooth for tooth - the oil tycoon considers and Danny swears to release Hunter and to put six lyam in loading.

The guy understands that put rubbish, but undertakes. Because he promised. And therefore that it is obliged to Hunter by life. Against it, certainly, all elite division will be up in arms and its bosses diligently push sticks in wheels. But Danny aims in life: Australia, village, well you understood. And for the sake of it it is ready to continue to kill. For old sins or absolutely fresh, not an essence important. The main thing that everything went according to the plan. But, alas, so many different parties are involved in business that plans remain only on paper …

It is even not the fighter, it is very sophisticated thriller that is absolutely uncharacteristic for Statham. You do not hurry to be spat, it will be enough fights, pursuits and firefights. The main difference of the thriller from the fighter that you do not foreknow who will pull out a gun or will thrust a feather sideways. And it is very pleasant that Jason at last ceased to imitate and found own individuality, though eternally unshaven. The tape “Without Compromises“, now “Professional“ was first signs of this process. The actor, thank God, finished a stupid okolachivaniye of pears (about ten examples you will find in its filmography) and passed to game into a cat and mouse.

Any political background is so unusual to movies with Statham`s participation. As a rule, Jason prefers to hang out in the criminal world. At most, that it was able to afford - some storm trash, it seems “For the sake of the king“ Uwe Ball. However, after this nightmare the British forever gave up a fantasy and returned to a genre bosom where it, actually, also found an international recognition from an easy hand of the compatriot Guy Richie. “Professional“, as well as the French picture with Belmondo to which the audience is inclined to confuse Gary Makkendri`s tape is on a joint of criminal and political adventure, trying to teeter on the brink.

Not less picturesque persons - Clive Owen, the Lodge Pursell and Robert De Niro became Statham`s workmates on a picture. Owen got a role of the nominal enemy - not the villain, but the person, will of circumstances resisting to the main character. As envisioned by authors, his character, the former agent of SAS Spike, is not less cool, than the killer Danny, but is more subject to outside influence and stronger got bogged down in political tricks and secret games of shadow businessmen. This care - its main weakness; he, in fact, does not know what he fights for. Whether for the fellow soldiers, whether for honor of the power, whether just just for fun. Certainly, it is hard for it to compete with the hitman driven into a corner, that should just make business and to dump, but not to prove the case to any coward old men ready just a moment to dump all the misses on the subordinate.

Dominica Pursell, one of key participants of the well-known TV series “Escape“ (not to confuse to domestic zekovsky plagiarism), I even at first did not learn from - for existence of dense vegetation on a face. However, on a plot outside the eightieth, so budennovsky moustaches and whiskers in fashion. Very successful image, by the way. On the one hand - the dandy and the dandy liking to give advice and to stick the nose where does not follow. With another - executive small, capable to eliminate troubles quickly and with a characteristic crunch of vertebras.

From De Niro everything is ambiguous. It it seems is, and actually and is not present. Authors assigned to Hunter`s character the moralist`s part with the submachine gun in hands. It saves Danny`s life at the beginning of the movie, it sets up him the greed and to it it is necessary then to preserve the beloved of the friend against any evil spirits. The lion`s share of time of De Niro groans and puffs, representing the tired soldier and the ailing aged man that under the final, in twenty seconds to disprove false impression. Thereby letting know that an old age, of course, not the pleasure, but youth is to what to learn.

Separate thanks to creators for really nice girl for the sake of whom Statham`s hero gives up the profitable and adrenalinic business. If Yvonne Strakhovsqui was present at the place, for example, a real passion of Jason, the Victoria`s Secrets model of Rosie Huntington - Uaytli who worked as a dummy in recent “Transformers 3“, then it would be difficult to believe in sincerity of feelings of the main character. And so everything is justified - both a face pretty, and a figure good, and respectable rural manners. An optimal variant for the killer on pension.

Which - who laments supposedly Americans damaged the movie the company final. Friends, here, in general, also was - that only two options of an ending. The first assumes that the main character like the character Belmondo from an above-mentioned French masterpiece falls a muzzle in a floor, and the viewer quietly snuffles under abstruse notes of Ennio Morricone. According to the second version the hero happy with life takes away in a distance the mademoiselle on the brilliant foreign car that, actually, personally is represented to me worthy end of its drudgeries.

P. S. In hire the picture of the debutant - the director based on the book Ranulf Fiennes acted catastrophically, having hardly collected 25 million dollars at the budget in 70. Let`s hope that this financial failure will not leave without work of not bad proved director.