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Antidepressant No. 1. How to begin “to morzhevat“? Part 1

About life of so-called “walruses“ many articles are written. There are only not enough publications from the cycle “it is tested on itself“. Generally the journalist comes to an ice-hole, looks at the become covered with hoarfrost uncles frolicing in ice water then talks to them in a warm lodge, drinking a tea from a thermos. I think that this defect in domestic mass media needs to be corrected...

the Push in a back

So, I is also that “moron“ who every single day, since morning a bit earlier, gets up from a warm bed and goes to lap to ice-holes on Volga, regardless of weather. I will tell honestly - I, as well as the majority of “walruses“, started this externally shocking procedure not from good life. Diseases tired out. The progressing hypertension forcing to eat every evening a handful of very harmful “wheels“ did not please at all. Once a month, it is strict according to the schedule, the back “came unfastened“. She demanded drugs too - harmful and expensive. Otherwise in any did not want to work. The tone of an organism was lowered - there was a wish to do nothing, forces were not constant. Generally, I had “bouquet“ still that.

Somehow so it turned out that one acquaintance advised me to replace a way of life - at least to begin to run in the mornings. It was echoed by one good doctor who as it is surprising, hated registering tablets. I understood that I spend day in front of the computer at work, and evening - houses on a sofa. Also decided to break this vicious practice. Somehow so by itself it turned out that during one of jogs, in the second half of September, I appeared about club of a winter hardening “Neptune“...

Cannot tell September

that water was strongly cold, but invigorated well. Having swum for a while in it twenty minutes, I felt that the body began “to burn“. This very pleasant feeling. Blood circulation improves, at the same time you feel euphoria, delight. Having marveled to bright paints of world around, I continued jog. Euphoria passed minutes through ten, and here cheerfulness remained for the whole day.

So I also started walking here daily, gradually meeting adherents of cold water. In principle, they were divided into those who are clubmen “Neptune“, and on “savages“ who change clothes not in a nice lodge from a red brick, and directly near the short flights of stairs conducting to water. The benefit, on a wall is many nails where it is possible to hang up clothes.

I will tell a thing, surprising for many, - “walruses“ do not open any seasons. However, as well as do not close. Bathe all the year round, however, in the summer many swim very long that though slightly - slightly to be cooled. Some in hot time go to “mental hospital“ - in the territory of clinic the Saint of Sofia is the ice font available to anyone. I remember how I was surprised when the man normal by sight broke up that he “carried out all summer in a mental hospital“. Soon it became clear that he bathed, but did not lie in the chamber upholstered with soft felt...

So, all September water was moderately cool, and weather - solar and pleasant. However, in other days from where - that put with a current or wind any rubbish - soapsuds, dregs, garbage. But literally in several hours water was purified.

It turned out that my “colleagues“ are remarkable people. They have always a vigorous look, philosophical outlook on life. It also is clear - as a rule, they endured a set of diseases that already in itself does the person wiser. And not everyone will come into an ice-hole. Therefore it is possible to consider that at a rotunda not only the club of a winter hardening, but also club on interests gathers.

water became colder October than

In October, and days - are cloudier. But at daily “trainings“ this decrease is transferred well. Skilled “walruses“ laugh, looking at how I squeal a little, being dipped into water. One of them utters:

- The water is colder, the it is more curative. Now it is lukewarm. And here in the winter when good “minus“, especially cool to come the second time. It is difficult to describe these feelings. Someone from ours told very exact phrase: ice boiled water.

I shiver from these words. It is difficult to believe that I will be able “to leave at winter“ and all - I will plunge sometime into this “boiled water“.

By the way, “walruses“ happen different. Other comes into water with a materok, and someone is christened. Some come the whole families. Strangely enough, it is more women, than men. One of fellows explains to me:

- They more health are concerned about the, than we. Morzhevaniye cures any female sores. Plus skin from it good.

That the truth, the truth - the most elderly ladies have no cellulitis even. Their figures will be envied also by young girls.

One “monster of a domestic morzhevaniye“, Alexander, swims on five hundred meters. The smaller heat “does not insert it“.

Funny, but pressure ceased to disturb me. I do not drink tablets at all. The back does not hurt too, and cheerfulness overflows.

By the way, in October so strongly dumped water on hydroelectric power station that “walruses“ are forced to go on stones of meters ten - knee-deep. Pleasant a little. We are anxious that so will be also in the winter.

I invite you in further wandering in my opinion to “the diary of a walrus“. We are waited ahead by cold and windy November...