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What type of soccer the most exotic?

Soccer - game in own way unique. Probably, in the world there is no other game which would draw so enormous attention of the audience. Millions of admirers annually buy subscriptions on house games of the favorite teams, a bigger number of people just likes to sit in the company of friends behind viewing of a fascinating match.

And the number of fans of sport No. 1 during games of the World Cup passes for one billion at all! Where you were, in Europe or in America, on Tibet or in Cyprus, in Australia or in Nigeria, all of you will equally see numerous group of fans of the most popular game.

In the world of soccer there are no borders and any intricate equipment, unlike the same tennis or hockey, too it is not necessary. It is only enough to get a soccerball and that it is possible to replace with ease in pair of socks or a balloon. About non-standard types of soccer today the speech will also go.

Table football

Practically in all parks of the countries of the former Soviet Union the integral attribute of entertainment of youth were the Soviet automatic machines. In which list should be noticed table football or hockey. Game in itself is very simple and practically all can play it, irrespective of a sex, age or some other distinctions.

Table football which call “kicker“ or “ôóñáîë“ more often has a number of strict rules and even own federation. For quite some time now the international competitions on “baby - foot“, one more of names of game, it is possible to see on television at all. Even more often the simple hobby on game in table football turns into a real opportunity to earn to itself a living. This new sport and fans of computer technologies which created the special KiRo robot capable to win against 85% of ordinary people could not avoid.

There are also other alternative ideas of table football, such as paper or monetary soccer. In the first case players play on a table with self-made gate and a paper envelope (or a ball) by means of fingers of hands, and in another - governed the same, but only as a shell use metal or plastic coins.

And here British thought up soccer at all for those who want to improve own breath. Unique children`s game was called just by Blow football that means “respiratory soccer“. A main goal of this popular game is to score a goal in the opponent`s gate by means of a small plastic tubule, well and of course, well organized lungs. As materials for game the table, straws for drink or a tubule from a chup - a chupsa, gate from a wire and a plastic ball will fit. Game so attracted the British youth that the set for “Blow football“ can be got practically in all shops of Great Britain. The price of it a miracle - “respiratory soccer“ fluctuates within 7 - 8 pounds.

Virtual soccer

the Virtual world absorbs the world modern more and more. Soccer did not stand aside too. So, from year to year, on the Internet a number of new virtual football games appears.

One of the most popular resources is the on-line browser simulator of soccer Hattrick which was developed in 1997 in Sweden. Now game is widespread in 128 countries, with the pyramid of leagues in each of them and in 51 languages, including Russian. The number of users for the end of 2011 exceeds 705 000 people. As well as in most of on-line managers, the user has to define positions of the players in the field and choose the key strategic and tactical parameters of team. Game differs in the slowness and for achievement of results requires the weighed and considered solutions, and also planning of long-term strategy. Seldom who manages to achieve success before three years of stay in game.

the oldest type of soccer

is possible

, at all and not British thought up soccer. So, in 2004 the world federation of soccer of FIFA recognized the Chinese game “Cuju“ by the most ancient predecessor of modern soccer. Tsutszyu in translation from Chinese means “to push with a leg“, and the basic rules are almost identical with modern soccer. Players had to throw by means of legs a round ball in a small grid or get on that part of the field that it is assigned to the opponent. It is interesting that the first mention of this game was stated in the textbook of the military exercises relating to the period of board of the Chinese dynasty Han (200 BC) .

the Most rigid type of soccer

the Florentine soccer is a mix of rugby, soccer and boxing. This sport arose in the 16th century in the Italian city of Florence of the same name. Kicks, blows, submission holds - at teams is not present any restrictions, all is authorized here. In 50 minutes each of two teams has to gather the maximum quantity of points. This soccer reminds gladiatorial fight. It is not surprising that this sport is very popular in modern Italy among prisoners.

the Most dynamic type of soccer

Other very interesting type of soccer is called Indoor Soccer. It differs from modern pass a little - soccer by existence of meter sides which fenced the field. This game is also called shoubol. Shoubol - very dynamic type of soccer, without a large number of misses, but with frequent unlimited replacements. Many stars of big soccer are liked to be poigryvat in shoubol, and in England, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, to the USA and Canada there are professional leagues at all. By the way, the popular type of new soccer quickly extended also among the former stars of Russian. So, in 2009 in Moscow there took place the Legends Cup in which victory was won just by “shoubolist“ of Russian national team.

the dirtiest type of soccer

This type of soccer can precisely enter the list of the most funny looks of sport. Thought up it as it is not paradoxical, the Finnish skier Esau Romppaynen. Rules of marsh soccer contain several interesting points - for example, penalty kicks are carried out “from hands“, offsides are absent, replacements are held without stopping games, and it is forbidden to change boots during a match. Perhaps, played such soccer in Russia for a long time, but nobody guessed it to patent. The World Cups are held annually since 1989, and the marsh stadium “Vuorisuo“ in the Finnish city of Hyuryunsalmi became a traditional venue to such itself. By the way, the last 5 years champions of the marsh FIFA World Cup became sports clubs from Russia.

the Most ridiculous look soccer

the Rank of “soccer with a comic bias“ undoubtedly deserved

futdablbol, thought up in Ukraine. Since 2007 even official nonconventional soccer competitions are held. A counter of a futdablbol is existence of two balls in the field at once. Playing in futdablbol, as well as players, and judges should suffer fairly. Behind each ball two judges with whistles which make various sounds are attached.

the silliest type of soccer

to play such soccer, it is necessary not just to run and kick the ball, but also to like to creep. Exotic “kraby soccer“ was thought up by British. Rules are very similar to methods of real soccer, here only players move across the field as crabs. Despite a certain wildness of this type of soccer, this game attracted the mass of fans to popolzat in the USA.

As you can see, soccer can be very various, for every taste.