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Problems or questions?

To me come parents with children to reception and complain of eternal fight: - We fight against it, and result zero! When I try to explain
to them that it is necessary not to struggle with the child, and to be on friendly terms, look for joint ways of the solution of questions, I am not understood.
- What difference how to tell. Result zero!
- the Difference big. If you in common resolve an issue, then you do not spend the forces for fight and for response. You objedinyatt the forces a srebenok and put them in the solution of a question.

Or such situation - the girlfriend complains of a headache. I ask - What are you doing?
- I Drink drugs for the head.
- Not from the head, - I correct it. - And for the head.
- What difference!
- the Difference big, - I patiently explain. - If you drink from the head, then the head will be protected from you to ibolet even more. And if you help it, drink for the head , then she will tell thanks to you and will cease to be ill.
- Yes well you with your esoterics! - the girlfriend waves away.
- Well, as you wish, - I agree. - Eventually, it is your head.

I with the esoterics indeed often give to people advice. But just because esoteric knowledge is what all have to know. Can receive them not everyone, and here it is desirable for all to know. Then all our world will change for the better, will become lighter and is kinder. And it will be easier for all people to live.

The subject of the correct use of words in informal conversation is not new, but is actual always. I not about the competent speech, beautiful phrases. And about semantic loading which is born by each word.

This loading defines our existence, forms events in our life.

Here to take for example fears. All have them. At someone big and objectively serious. At someone small and objectively even not fears, and so, doubts. But we attach them great value and they begin to direct our life.
Though is very easy way to get rid of them by means of words.

It is rather simple to tell - here and now I release all the fears and doubts.

And all. Fears will leave. On light there are enough people who are ready to live with them constantly and who lack fears eternally.

You can tell is an affirmation. Can be. The main thing, it works. And as not the essence important is called.

It is important that we tell. And when.
We often say that we have problems. And it is rare that we have questions.

It would seem - what difference what to tell. But

deal With the problems, and resolve issues.

Wikipedia gives other definition:
of the Problem is, in a broad sense, the difficult theoretical or practical question demanding studying, permission.
the Question - the thought form expressed in language by the offer which is said or write when they want to ask something, that is to obtain the interesting information.

You feel a difference? To resolve and obtain information.

When we or with something struggle with someone, in reply we receive resistance. Normal protective counteraction. And this fight can last eternally. In this fight of a problem, as a rule win.

If we paraphrase and we will tell - a question, then we will not fight it is unknown with whom or what, and to look for the answer. We will develop.

In fight against problems of people degrades. He struggles with himself. With the complexes, fears, uncertainty.

It is possible to win against himself. Only it will be called differently - character building, formation of the personality.

Other words, other value. So can we will become more attentive to words which we pronounce?