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Whether the varnish on natural nails can keep three weeks?

Of course and! Technologies of nail service do not stand still, and very quickly develop and move forward. Few years ago the varnish covering which keeps on natural nails till 3 weeks and more seemed to us something from the category of a fantasy. And now everything not only is real, but also is available to any woman.

Many known cosmetic companies worked on creation of a long-term covering for natural nails. At first biogel was thought up. It is more elastic analog of classical gel for modeling of artificial nails. Thanks to the flexibility it, unlike usual UF of gel, keeps on natural nails better - is not chopped off at the edges and does not burst.

However biogel has two small shortcomings. In - the first, he demands professional skills of drawing. The manicure master has to work with it; that the covering laid down exactly and long kept, the special technology of work is necessary, polymerization time depending on lamp UF power has to be accurately sustained. And in - the second, the biogel covering after all has sufficient thickness, it though is thinner, than artificial gel or acrylic nails, but are much thicker, than ordinary nail varnish. Biogel is suitable for strengthening of a thin and weak marigold more, than for a constant decorative covering.

The first long-term varnish covering which ideally keeps on natural nails till 3 weeks without chips and cracks, was thought up by the American company Creative (CND). They successfully combined rolled into one a usual color varnish and UF gel for modeling of artificial nails. The Creative company called the product Shellac, and in the people it is called just gel - it is delicious. The lamp needs to polymerize a hybrid of nail varnish and UF of gel after drawing in UF, it will not dry on air as usual nail varnish. But, if you forget to close a flakonchik about gel - is delicious, it even will not thicken at all, for its polymerization special UF a lamp is surely necessary.

In several months after emergence of a covering of Shellac similar gel - varnish coverings let out also other professional cosmetic companies. Now such covering can be got in any shop of professional materials for nail service. Cost gel - varnishes fluctuates from 150 to 1500 rubles, depending on brand and the country of the producer. Simplicity in drawing gel - a varnish allows to use it even in house conditions, it is only necessary to get special UF a lamp with power not less than 36 W.

So what is necessary to get ideal long-term manicure? UF the 36 or 54 W lamp is necessary. special liquid for removal gel - a varnish, the soft grinder for natural nails, well and of course gel - varnishes. Different firms of producers have technologies of drawing gel - a varnish can differ a little, depending on structure, specify it before purchase. Can be also required by you a special basic and finishing covering for gel - a varnish and a primer - the preparation improving coupling gel - a varnish with a nail plate.

Before drawing gel - a varnish surely make manicure in salon or houses that the cuticle was well-groomed and accurate. The surface of nail plates needs to be polished slightly the soft grinder for natural nails. Do not use instead of the grinder a file for nails at all, so you can do much harm to your marigold, make them weak and thin! After you clean the grinder gloss from a nail plate, it needs to be degreased (it can be made usual liquid for removal of a varnish as a part of which there are no essential and other oils) or to put a special primer for gel - a varnish.

Now it is possible to apply gel - a varnish in one or two layers. Place a hand in UF a lamp and polymerize gel - a varnish during that time which is specified on a bottle. Usually light and translucent shades will be polymerized quicker, they have enough 3 - 5 minutes. Gel - varnishes of dark saturated flowers dry more slowly, it can be necessary for their polymerization till 7 minutes.

After polymerization in UF to a lamp gel - varnishes turn into resistant very hard coating to which scratches and cracks are not terrible. You at once can do any household chores, without being afraid to spoil the manicure. Gel - varnishes can be used and standing. It is very convenient: as soon as the ideal pedicure is ready, it is possible to put shoes on at once without fear to spoil or smear a covering on a marigold.

Long-term gel - the varnish covering is the real break in the nail industry! This covering was already estimated by hundreds of thousands of masters around the world. If you got used to varnish the marigold, surely try also gel - varnishes, especially if you constantly lack time for manicure. If you want to cover nails gel - it is delicious independently, you can use the recommendations given above however all is for the first time better - to address the professional manicurist.